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Vijay Jung Thapa didn’t really want to write a sex blog – but then thought it might be cool to pretend being a “Sex Guru”. He’s looking forward to analysing sexual kinks, discussing deviant behaviour and figuring out important questions like: do oysters really work as an aphrodisiac. There’s a danger he may come across as a pervert, but it’s too late now. When he isn’t thinking about sex, he works as Editor of Hindustantimes.com and Hindustandainik.com.

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By now many of you must have seen the new TV advertisements on the new-look Hindustan Times. They’re cool – and this one is my favourite. [Read more]

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Here’s a short post on masturbation.

“Doctor please help me. I am addicted to masturbation. I do it at least three times a day, sometimes even more. I can’t help it; the desire to do it just takes over. Now I think it is affecting my penis – which is looking run down and isn’t as erect as it used to be. Do you think I can have a normal married life?” [Read more]

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Go figure. I’ve just been labeled a sex addict. Not unusual for someone writing a sex blog you say? Well…. I’m not so sure. I took an online test and it seems that there is a considerable possibility that I might be bordering on or well on the way of becoming a sex addict! The thing is though I’m pretty sure that if my 79-year-old aunt took this test, she could be labeled one as well. Which brings me to the question – can one really be a sex addict? [Read more]

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Many years ago, after attending a conference on sexual diversity, I found myself sitting in a gay bar in Colaba (the first of its kind in India I was told) – sharing a drink with some of the speakers. One of them (who had just started a movement urging homosexuals not to get into heterosexual marriages) was telling me how he thought a large percentage of men in India were bisexual. [Read more]

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What do you say when someone tells you conversationally: “”It’s not that I don’t believe in monogamy. It’s that I don’t think that monogamy is the only possible expression of human needs and desires,”" Well if you’re a woman you roll your eyes and look at him in disgust thinking “what a sleazebag”. If you’re man, you snigger as if something very naughty has just been said. At least that’s what happened at a recent do I went to. But it got me thinking…are we really suited for monogamous relationships? [Read more]

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