Bridal Rituals

These days whenever we open a newspaper we get to see either a full page or a half page advertisement on a bridal exhibition or a bridal fashion week. And mind you, the numbers of these events are on the rise too.

I remember many years ago Divya and Sandeep Gurwara coming to meet me in my previous newspaper. They told me that time that they were planning to do an event just for the brides.

Even that time I was aware of the fact that all Indian fashion designers without exception made their money by making bridalwear.

So I thought the idea brought in by the Gurwaras has a shining prospect. Years after they started Bridal Asia, it’s not surprising that it still is a much sought after affair.

Same way, Tarun Sarda, another gentleman I happened to meet during my stint with my ex newspaper, started Vivaha, a bridal exposition, and has taken the same to various cities in India and abroad.

Then came several other players in the market and much later a concept of Couture Week, a glorified name for mainly Indian bridal wear, came into being. And that’s not it, following close to its heels was India Bridal Week, which started in Mumbai and now being brought to Delhi and if the organisers are to be believed, then next year to London too.

Great. So we have so many bridal events for so many brides and for those parents who will be willing to loosen their purse strings during the weddings of their children.

In the meantime, who actually are the gainers here? Well, all. Organisers of these events make their money through sponsors and participation fees, fashion designers get their dividends from those brides who gasp for slipping into these designer wear and of course the brides and grooms who eventually tie their knots in their favourite designer outfits.

No wonder then these events are growing in numbers by the day.

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  • Pallav

    Marvelous anecdote!


    Sujata Anandan Reply:

    Thanks, Pallav!


  • Hepzi Anthony

    Just shows that the press has no qualms is getting rules bent, twisted to suit themselves. Anything for a good drink, ha ha. Imagine discussing the fridge problem with the CM of Punjab.


    Sujata Anandan Reply:

    Hey Hepzi, this is only a small part of it. There’s a bigger story about how we got the press club in the first place and it is even bigger than `mind blowing’. Saving it for later,


  • drgj23

    wt **** are u writing.wt has tis to do with punjab and bombay…..get some life…u din write anything about current scams in Maharashtra…..dont waste our time …we beluieve u r sensible


  • Impi

    lol! That was some Punjabi chutzpah.

    But Sukhbir Badal does not need any help… me….1. He does not care. 2. Capt. Amrinder Singh surpasses him in that attitude. 3. Punjab has no choice…well..right now.


  • Kunal Dhir

    Finally after so many days i read something that is not “Heavy Duty” and still political. Thanks for sharing the story.