What defines success

Once again murmurs are on in the fashion field here. The word around is that there are two fashion events coming to Delhi soon and which one is going to be better.

The newcomer claims that there are plenty of big names on his side and that he will leave no stone unturned to make his entry into the Capital a huge affair. And the other one, an established on with a proven track record and backed by the fashion designer’s council, is also bound to be an affair to remember. But one of them got to be better than the other. But how is this going to happen?

If you ask me, I don’t really go by the names of fashion designers that appear on the fashion runway. So there really is. No point in throwing their big names on my face to show that one is bigger than the other. For me, I much rather see their collections on the runway, from a big name or a not-so-big name, and then decide.

I say this because I have seen crappy collections from designers with huge profiles and excellent ones from those who don’t have big names. End of the day what really matters is what they show on the runway and that will define the success of the event.

Add to that the crowd profile. At couture weeks its always good to have the creme-de-la-creme on the sides of the runways watching the presentation. If that’s missing, then there is a problem.

Plus, the settings and decor of the show also matters when it comes to a high-end showing. So let’s see who will put all these together one show after the other.

Then it will be time for us to decide who is the winner.

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