Cannes styles

Okay, let’s not get into what the Hollywood stars wore at the Cannes film festival this time. Their stylists know their job and it showed, as always, on them. They looked immaculate.

For the last few years our Indian stars have been making their appearances, notably among them being Ash Rai Bachchan, and they always, especially Ash, looked stylish.

But this time, while most others including Mallika Sherawat looked decent enough among the rest of the stars there, I was shocked to see a Vidya Balan in an outfit with a covered head reminiscent of some backward tribal style. Add to that the man who all of us unconditionally love, the legendary Amitabh Bachchan in a sequinned tux that only because of Big B was wearing stopped me from throwing my ashtray onto my plasma screen or on the next day tear my newspapers apart. The outfit was awful, to say the least.

The designer and the stylist of both these actors should be sent to the jail for solitary confinement for the rest of their lives… After all what were they thinking while making these stars wear these horrible outfits?

I love Vidya when she wears saris. She looks elegant and carry them off with panache. At the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine I saw her in some western designer outfits. She looked chic. But this outfit at Cannes? Vidya should stop listening to her stylist and designer and instead take a deep breath and take a long look at herself in the mirror before she accept these kind of outfits. From every angle she looked like a representative from an under developed country with too much of ‘tradition’ woven around her. I don’t think these traditions and such traditional creations as this particular outfit would any case make an impact there. Would any one have noticed it there? The answer is ‘of course’!

Big B on the other hand was another disaster with his shiny look. If, such an iconic star as Amitabh Bachchan, whom I revered all my life, ended up looking as if a wannabe society lady in a sequined gown fell on him before he made the Cannes appearance, it’s only because his designer and stylist didn’t know a thing about style. As I said, only because it’s Amitabh Bachchan that I controlled my disgust and angst towards his designer. Perhaps the designer decided to take a chance because it was the Big B who was going to wear his ill-fated creation.

Cannes is not just about films. When it comes to fashion, it plays a huge role in the portrayal of styles and designer brands. While Gucci and Armani makes the most of it with dressing up their stars in the most chic outfits, our designers should atleast make an honest effort to do the same from our side too!

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