Fun shows

There are many fashion shows that come through many fashion weeks in India. I must say they all are fun to watch. No matter how many fashion weeks come up here, they always have enough fashion designers taking part in them showing their collections.

Initially when it all began, I used to think that no one will take part in these fashion weeks as the kind of business they would want out of these Weeks might not come from them. But, to my surprise, wherever these fashion weeks sprung up, there were enough fashion designers to pull them through.

Come to think of it, if brand recall is what they want out of these events, I guess they do get the same from them. Brand recall will eventually convert itself into some business atleast at some point in time. While FDCI’s Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week offered spot orders and sales along with some from Lakme Fashion Week, the rest of them, from Kochi to Shillong offered a bit of brand recall to these participating designers.

Even the ones organised by liquor brands and done in multiple cities offered them the same. Also what these designers get is royal treatment all the way — from business class air passage to five star hotel all inclusive stays along with the press coverage. That I suspect is the ’success’ of all these events.

Hardcore fashion loyalists may say these newcomers are frivolous and offer nothing in terms of business. But my question is how come our designers are being part of it? Either by way of business, or by way of their participation fees or as I said in terms of brand recall that sometimes turn into business transactions the designers are getting their money anyway. And of course these shows are fun… Not just for the spectators, but for these designers too. So what the heck?

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