More the merrier?

The question really is more of what? More fashion weeks? More opportunities or more fights and resentment?

With the news that the Amby Valley India Bridal Week is now coming to Delhi after its attempts in Mumbai for the last three years, murmurs and bickering have started in the fashion capital.

The word is that many of the leading names have confirmed their participation at the bridal week (all of them FDCI members) and FDCI is unhappy with its own members lining up with a competing fashion event in the same city.

AVIBW had announced its dates a few months ago and FDCI announced its dates for Delhi Couture Week a few weeks back and what’s being said is that the dates of the events are now overlapping.

That doesn’t seem to be in good spirit as it won’t be good either for AVIBW or DCW or for that matter those who love fashion.

I remember a few years ago when Sumeet Nair started his fashion week at Delhi’s Emporio, similar clashing of dates happened and it resulted in plenty of confusions and loss of interest in the industry from those who matter.

It trivialised India’s fashion industry which desperately seeks serious recognition by serious bodies.

Now, with this latest confusion, (even as I heard AVIBW has advanced its dates so as not to have a clash), our small world called fashion industry with its big egos and wrong goals will no doubt once again bring down the image of being serious business.

My question is, why the hell should anyone be discouraged or stopped from taking part in another event? Why the hell should any one clash the dates of one’s event with another?

Isn’t it enough for a fashion designer to see what’s best for him and his business? Who the hell are others to decided what’s best for them? Who the hell are they to leash them so as to make them dance to their tunes?

It definitely is a laughing matter. Our designer industry is so small that there really shouldn’t be anything that prevents individual growth from

All should and must be free to take part in any event that they deem fit for them. They should know that anyone who try to stop them can never be their well wisher.

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