Brides coming

Sensing India’s fashion designers’ ability to cash in on the wedding time by making bridalwear and groom’s outfits, wedding exhibitions and bridal shows have now found a place on the fashion map here.

More than a decade ago, it was Delhi’s entrepreneur Divya Gurwara pioneered the concept of such a fashion event titled ‘Bridal Asia’. Over the years she has successfully managed to bring the event to one of the most sought-after affairs in this country with shows and stalls being laid out during the event.

Three years ago, Mumbai-based businessman Vijay Singh came out with a similar event, but in the form of a fashion week, called ‘Amby Valley India Bridal Week’ where the accent was on runway shows. On its third year, Singh is expanding his wings to bring the same from Mumbai to New Delhi as well in the same year with several fashion stalwarts rallying behind him.

Between Gurwara and Singh, several other bridal events have come up. One of the most successful one among them being ‘Vivaha’, started by Delhi’s Tarun Sarda. Earlier this month, fashion magazine Vogue has also held a similar event in Delhi with a select few designers.

All these point towards the enormous business opportunities that lie before our fashion designers during the wedding season in India. Increasingly, the so called avant garde designers are entering into the bridalwear segment in order not just to make money but to sustain their business as well. Those who started as western wear designers have by now either converted themselves totally into Indian wear or now coming out with such terms as ‘cocktail saris’ in order to woo the vast opportunties that come during the wedding season.

With this and more happening in terms of accessories and jewellery, in the coming years the scope for such bridal events is only going to grow.

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