Fair games

Alright. We have many fashion weeks. And all boast of generating business for participating designers. And at each of these fashion weeks, most crib that they are not happy with the business they generated.

So each season whether in Delhi or Mumbai, I get to hear plenty. That they didn’t get their due, that buyers were kidnapped and sent to a few stalls and shows, that the stall location was crap, that they didn’t get a stall at all, etc, etc.

I wonder why we never had a fashion fair in India. I often visit such fairs as Tranoi, Pittie Imagine, etc and there I see hundreds of buyers milling around buying from exhibitors from around the world. These fairs are positioned in such a manner as to not to clash with any major fashion weeks and at places where all would love to go to. These are organised well and all go participate in them go home happy as well.

Perhaps we too should have such a fair here. May be we should make an attempt and see how such an event would work here. There are many talented ones here who don’t get places in fashion weeks because of politics. Such people will get a chance to showcase what they have to offer at such a fair.

It will be a great thing to have here. Exhibition stalls with preview areas coupled with cafes, eateries and meeting places with hundreds of fashion and lifestyle brands and products on display. Not a bad idea, don’t you think?

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