Fashion helps

We have seen fashion shows being organised to raise funds for various causes. But one of the things that I really want to see, and some day soon hope to organise myself, is a fundraiser show through which raising enough funds to do something really meaningful for the stray dogs.

I really feel for them. I have four adopted dogs in my home and I feed every day three dogs, two outside my gate and one in South Delhi.

I keep biscuits in my car and whenever I see a dog near me I try and distribute the same to him. My feelings for them are so much that I will do anything possible for them.

For the same reason I was very happy when at the recent Lakme Fashion Week. Peta announced ‘Fashion for Paws’ a venture where they proposed to provide help to stray dogs using fashion as a platform.

I am not sure how they are planning to do it, but if they do something on a regular basis for the welfare of these canines, I think it will really be something noble.

Fashion today is a powerful medium for most people though which they derive their brand mileages, product launches and various other such things.

For the same reason, it is very easy for someone to raise funds for the welfare of stray dogs, in order to provided them homes, using fashion as a platform. There are hundreds of dog lovers in our country that raising funds through issuing entry tickets will not pose any problem.

Our fashion designers and other related professionals could contribute immensely to this cause. And organising this on a regular basis in various cities of India, a substantial sum can be raised each time and then the same thing can be used to build homes for these canines who otherwise brave the heat, cold and even some of the worst human beings.

I have this idea in mind and I have been toying with the same for a very long time. I would love to see these friends of nature having a good time at all times.

Let’s try and take this forward and I would appreciate all the help that one can give in this.

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