Number games

Whenever and wherever a fashion week is about to take place in India, I get press releases flaunting the number of designers taking part in the event.And each time I wonder what this number has got to do with the quality of the event. More often than not, I get to see more of crappy shows in these lists of designers that something worth spending time on.

So is it really worth flaunting such kind of numbers? Well, I think not.

The kind of numbers I see them flaunting are the kind of numbers of garments that fly off the racks when the actual business take place from these fashion weeks.

I would really like to hear the numbers that the participating fashion designers sales registers show. Who is interested in the number of fashion designers taking part?

Obviously the organizers would want to show the same to the media so as to make their even look successful and to cast an impression on their sponsors. Other than this, it really means nothing.

When it comes to business of fashion, nothing is known clearly to any one as to how much business take place in these fashion weeks.

There has never been any official intimation as to how much business has come out of any fashion weeks here. For the same reason no one really knows what business is generated out of these events.

Most buyers want their orders to be placed on consignment basis and once they succeed in convincing a fashion designer, their garments just hang on the racks without much effort shown in selling the same.

And at the end of the season they are returned to the hapless designer. This way one never would know about the actual business happening, unless the buyer makes an outright purchase from the designer. So there also no figures to flaunt.

I think all fashion weeks without exception must check the quality of designers being selected for runway shows and concentrate more on the same than just numbers.

And when it comes to numbers, their concentration should really be on the business transacted by inviting buyers who mean business.

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