Teen Fashion

Style doesn’t mean expensive clothes and brands. I am being increasingly convinced of this fact. The other day I saw a young girl at work, not a colleague, in a well-coordinated outfit and when I was introduced, as a fashion writer, I was curious to know where she sourced her clothes. She told me that all were from a place called Sarojini Nagar in Delhi where small shops sell export rejects at cheap prices. Even as I knew about SN and the variety that it offers, I was pleasantly surprised to see this girl who truly turned out to be flawlessly stylish.

This is something I have realized while going through campus supplements of some of the leading dailies. They on a weekly basis publish pictures of students in stylish clothes. And I must say here that when it comes to style, girls are much more conscious about what they wear than boys. And I guess it is because these markets that offer cheap yet stylish clothes cater more to girls than guys and guys usually end up getting very little or nothing from these places.

Also I guess girls take much more effort in getting dressed while going to their colleges than the standard jeans and tee shirt kind of boys. Even as you enter into such markets as Sarojini Nagar or Janpath, you will see that teenage girls ardently while boys just hang around.

So style for them in metros start at an early age. While stepping into college campuses after a long-drawn uniform stint at schools, it must be a huge relief to them to be seen in stylish clothes that they want to wear and of course flaunt the same liberally. And why, even during the admission times and while coming to check their admission lists (plenty of tension in them during that time) they come stylishly clothed. And while roaming around in the malls also they are seen in their best and more often than not well made yet economical clothing.

This is the generation that’s going to take Indian fashion forward. Their attitude and mindset coupled with their drive to look stylish is something that will make these cities look chic. And of course make these college campuses much more fun than just books and lectures!

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