Model agency

There are many fashion models that our country has produced some of whom even made it into the international scene quite successfully. However, when it comes to modeling agencies, India still lacks when it comes to a proper set up.

There is no structured modeling agency yet in this country. All agencies are run by individuals who have no idea of how an agency should work. No bookers, no scouts no nothing.

They go around picking random guys and girls (latest trend for the last few years being Ukrainian girls) and then try and push them with advertising agencies and fashion week organizers.

One of the interesting this seen here is that the individual behind the agency is seen shepherding these girls in the evening at parties and then later some of these girls are seen wining and dining with the ones with flashy cars and a fat wallet.

And some get into the fashion week runways as well.

While there is no doubt that these Ukrainian or other ‘imported’ girls are fit when it comes to their body as compared to most Indian girls, is this how an agency should be run?

By going into parties to market these women every other day? Well not at all.

A proper agency will have a structure with scouts and bookers and individuals who handle different accounts. Girls are chosen carefully and looked after well. None of these happen here with any of the agencies.

More often than not I get to hear complaints from these models of the ordeals they have to go through with these agencies.

They are signed up and then given no work and put in shabby accommodations that the agency get on rent. I was told that these agencies even make money out of these accommodations by charging these models much more than the actual rent paid every month.

India needs proper modeling agencies with proper structure and guidelines. Those who bring in girls as models who double up as something else when the sun goes down in the evening should no longer be called modeling agencies or fashion models.

Surely they will have titles much more appropriate for their running of the agencies!

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