When luxury brands announce their sale, it’s the best time to hit the stores

While walking past the stores at Delhi’s Emporio mall today I realised one thing… that people here really love to shop their favourite (and sometimes not so favourite too) brands when there is a ‘SALE’ sticker pasted on the store’s door.

The mall, which otherwise bears the look of a church on a Monday morning, was filled with people. While most of them were seen browsing through the merchandise and its price tags vigorously and making their exits even more vigorously (as they would probably have come to the adjacent mall where high street brands are located), luxury brand enthusiasts were having a gala time shopping their premium brands at marked down prices at the end of season sales.

This made me wonder whether these people were actually interested in buying only when there is a sale happening here. I say this because I saw a fleet of fancy cars like Masseratti, Porsche, Bentley, BMW 7 Series and Merc as I was entering the mall. This obviously meant that those who were actually shopping there were the ‘loaded’ Delhiites. But then the question is, where are they otherwise on other days when there are no Sales happening?

Six or seven years ago all these luxury brands have had the hopes of making it big in the Indian retail market. They all hoped rich Indians would instead of shopping at Europe or the US or Dubai or Singapore would shop here and they could make a killing in this market as they did in China, Japan or Russia. But that was not to be. The crowd and their shopping happens when there is a 50% or more marked down prices come up. This explains why such malls as the Emporio bear empty looks on its porche and corridors a normal day.

In order to make this brands successful, all those who alight from fancy cars should ideally also buy at regular prices on a regular day and not just when there is an end of season sale happening.

That will be when we will be able to say for sure India’s luxury market is growing.

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