Stars and Styles

Now that film awards are well under way, film stars have started sending their styles in all directions. Wondering why?

Well these stylists are the ones who get in touch with our fashion designers and foreign luxury brands for sourcing a variety of gowns and suits and bags for their Red Carpet appearance. And these stars appear in these “borrowed” outfits and bags, click their photos, talk about their “favourite” labels (they better do that else next time they won’t be able to borrow again!) and then next day return these things to the stylists and they in turn give them back to the respective brands.

It is always interesting to watch these stars appearing in these outfits and talking about the brands. No one really can tell how much they mean when they talk about these brands as their favourites. Anyway, they get to wear them and brands are happy as they are being talked about as favourites.

More on this after the awards function when I will dissect or compliment these stars and their choice of outfits…

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