Men’s fashion week gives last year a miss

Men’s designer fashion scene in the fashion week spectrum wears a deserted look in India.

There is no fashion week devoted exclusively for men now here. Even fashion weeks, like the Lakme Fashion Week, that introduced a day for men’s fashion, do not do it any more. And the men’s fashion week that the Fashion Design Council of India introduced and successfully ran for three years went missing last year.

So currently there is a void in the designer menswear show segment.

This means male models have once again been relegated to the back bench, waiting for the sun to shine again.

For long, male models in India have struggled to find their space on India’s fashion runways. Their roles have always been that of a ‘filler’ when a designer does his collection presentation of womenswear. Chances for them have always been slim as most designers showed interests only in womenswear presentations. For the same reason, their show rates always have been lesser than their female counterparts.

When the Lakme Fashion Week introduced a day for menswear during their event their chances began to look up. And with the FDCI’s menswear week, male models felt somewhat relieved with more opportunities going their way.

Now, with both the events skipping this, they are back to square one. This of course doesn’t mean that Indian fashion designer do not make meanswear. Of course they do. But the platform to showcase the same is missing now.

About time someone take note of this and start a new menswear week once again.

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