Lux ties

We all know that Indian fashion designers make their money during the wedding season. And now is the wedding season.

Indian designers get their business in the best form during this season as most Indian families spend with no hesitation during their children’s wedding. Sure they want the best for the occasion for all close family members, other than the bride or the groom and what better than a designer label for them. They approach different designers depending on their purse and budget. While the senior designers charge them with hefty price tags, the mid level and junior counterparts too make their killings in their own ways.

But they are for the Indian wear. Also getting benefitted often because of Indian weddings are the Italian and French luxury labels. The other day I met a Indian gentleman settled in Germany who had come to attend a wedding and after having tried all Indian labels and some of the western luxury brands he finally settled for a Cavalli tunic for the wedding. Then once I saw one of Delhi’s millionaire family visiting the Tom Ford store for their son’s wedding. Then of course the Dior, Gucci and Armani and Canali which are the favourites of such occasions.

With their immaculately cut suits and tunics, India’s elite flocks to these luxury brands’ stores during the wedding season. So it’s not just the Indian designer labels getting benefitted with the weddings here… also getting the spin offs are the foreign luxury brands.

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