Last resort?

So, another fashion week, this time the India Resort Fashion Week in Goa, is now over. I was surprised to see some of the best things that a fashion week can possibly have at this fashion week, yet many things that I hoped it to have were missing as well.

Check this put: IRFW seemed to have a good support from the Goa government. Ministers, bureaucrats and local MLAs were seen attending some of the shows; Paris Hilton walked the runway for Shane & Falguni Peacock; many of the collections seemed very nicely made in the ‘resort’ish’ way as well.

Still, considering it’s a second time effort, organisers left plenty of things unattended and didn’t seem in a hurry to correct them. For instance, shows after shows there were seating issues for the media and other invited guests; inordinate delays in transporting that led to missing shows, etc.

However, despite all these, I felt that the event, if looked into a bit more seriously, has a lot of potential as the local government (one seldom gets help from the government when it comes to fashion events) is very supportive of this venture.

As the event is still in its nascent stages, hopefully it will fall in to the groove by next year.

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