When luxury brands open more than one store in the same city, I always wonder why they do that. About seven years ago, when there was this feeling that for high end brands Indian market may become like China, but soon that feeling was replaced with a more convincing feeling that it’s a growing market, but a slow growing one at that.

This is the reason why it always surprised me when these brands choose to open more than one store in the same city even as the rentals in India are horribly high.

But what the Italian luxury brand Gucci did this time was somewhat different. When it opened its store at the Oberoi Gurgaon hotel, it decided to position it differently and called it a ‘concept store.’ This sounded nice and different. The two-level store is impressive with its glass and mirror panels from outside and it beats rest of the brands in its location as well… while the rest are nestled somewhat behind in the corridor, Gucci is bang at the entrance to the retail section itself. Once inside, the store offers custom-made handbags (in fact, its designer Frida Gianini made five limited edition clutches to celebrated the launch of this store), made-to-measure suits for men, special merchandise that one won’t find anywhere else, etc make it a store that people from even far away would want to visit. And this is something that I see as the USP of this store as Gucci has two more stores not too far from this one… one at The Oberoi, New Delhi and the other at The Emporio Mall.

What Gucci did perhaps should be followed by other brands as well. There really is no point in opening a second or third store that looks and stocks exactly the same things. What’s going to keep the customers coming will be how differently the store is positioned. After all, why would I want to travel all the way if I can get the same stuff at a store near to me? I think this is where the new Gucci store is going to score.

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  • Vox Populi

    Inept foreign policy as well as economic policy. Outside of call rooms and BPOs there is much to show for our illiteracy and cramming.


    Babu Khan Reply:

    Shut up hey ****


  • s subramanyan

    should strive to get the headquarters of the Brics Bank to India. Mumbai could
    be an ideal candidate. We have here one of the globally acclaimed central bank
    which had given us several experts in development banking functions too. Let us
    proudly tell the global nations of our stellar
    achievement viz. we score over China, we have a parliamentary democracy,
    conducted periodical elections in the
    last 60 years not with a small population,
    but with huge one covering different religions and communities and classes;
    our experienced institutions like the Election Commission, Lok Sabha and Rajya
    Sabha can help African nations to imbibe truly effective democratic processes
    and institutions like conducting fair and free elections and operate ; we have far
    excelled even Britain which claims to have the mother of parliament. Recall
    what Thomas Pakenham wrote in his monumental work of 1992 the Scramble for Africa: “…Britain launched a crash programme in nation-building. Constitutions
    were borrowed from elsewhere, hammered out overnight, parliaments were thrown
    up like theatre-props(designed to the westminster model including the Speaker’s wig), elections held, prime ministers lectured
    on the intricacies of British democracy.” We had under difficult and widely differing conditions
    in every facet, religion,caste and class etc -such as those obtaining in many
    African nations, conducted fair and free elections and built
    our own parliament with two houses and legislative assemblies in our states
    an experience which is nearer African environment. Lastly, our PM has had vast experience
    in this field. He is eminently qualified to pursue and achieve this goal of
    getting Brics bank to India and thus hep us serve Bric nations.


  • vip- mop mop sweep sweeps

    I am just assuming if it sfact on foreigners then citizens of INDIA should thank Foreigners can at end of day can think, All you have been doing over decades afeter the independence in SOUTH EAST CONTINENT is bully bicker, act lazy and act nothing but fight and mud sling oneach other. Most of the politicians have failed in performing or delivering on right moral duties to serve citizens. Corruption, lack of vision how to run show, align priorties how to mange right population control and take robust moves to educate warn and alert people on their obligations towards the state and force feed in their conditioned braions by Babas that rights come with full responsibilty under citizens charter. Takers kahin ke and all in the name of Bhagwan by divering foolish ignorant mans attentions from all the right tasks.


  • KP

    As usual,a very interesting view on BRICS bank by Mr.Pramit.The Soft power trumpcard could prove to be a game changer for both India and china


  • Reader

    What a horrible, unsubstantiated piece of opinion. The argument is so shallow.


  • balaji

    india should go forward more and more in all financial sectors of world like world bank/bricks banks , as it is unavoidable for progress/devlopment of country/world in future world …..