Ramesh Nair bags it

It’s always nice to hear good things happening to good friends.

My good old friend Ramesh Nair is making waves once again in Paris. This time as the Creative Director of Moynat, the heritage brand acquired by the LVMH supremo Bernard Arnault sometime back. Moynat is seen as Arnault’s most favourite brand from the LVMH’s bouquet of luxury brands and his hand picking Ramesh to be its creative director is something that should be seen as a clever move to infuse all the creative energy needed to revive this unique brand.

I hear from all my friends in the world of luxury that Arnault takes keen interest in this newly-acquired brand like never seen before. One of my friends even told me that it’s like his pet plant that he devotes most of his attention to every day. If that is the case, choosing Ramesh to head its design department can be seen as something we can be proud of. What’s more, he has been getting excellent reviews for the work that he has done so far for the brand by the international brand from the world over.

Well, that takes care of the introduction.

Ramesh is someone who always had a clear vision. When I met him in the 90s, his thoughts and vision were too avant garde for anyone to chew here. He took off to Paris after spending a few years in India and then suddenly I heard he was working with the legendary Martin Margiela at Hermes. When Margiela left Hermes, he continued his work there with Jean Paul Gaultier. After a few years, when Gaultier made his exit from Hermes, and when Christophe Lemaire joined the brand as its creative director, Ramesh chose to step out of Hermes. It did surprise me as I thought for Ramesh, Hermes was a good choice and the brand by itself has always been seen as the leader among other luxury brands in terms of its heritage and positioning. But Ramesh obviously has other plans in his mind that he wanted to pursue. And now with Moynat, I hear he is increasing the pulse rates of his former brand with Moynat catching up pretty fast with its brand appeal and positioning. Celebrities are tweeting and sending messages swearing their allegiance to Moynat. Bags are flying off the shelves.

Ramesh Nair has a reason to smile… so do we… after all, we definitely can also take pride in his achievements.

PS: those who want to know the correct pronunciation of Moynat… it’s mwa na

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