Ready to wear?

When it comes to ready to wear shows, the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) excites every one alike — designers are happy as they feel there are many buyers who place order with them; media is happy because there’s good fashion on the runway besides good business news off the runway; an excellent venue in Pragati Maidan and the overall feel for everyone is great as well.

Over the years this event proved to be the best in terms of participation when it comes to designers and buyers participation. Organised by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), this event has proved itself to be the most sought-after fashion trade event with the entire focus on the ‘business of fashion’ and not just runway glamour.

Participating designers, be it the younger ones or the most seasoned ones, have always said that in terms of business, the focal point of any fashion week, WIFW has been the most successful one in the country. While some of the other fashion weeks that have been happening in the country have been labelled as ‘brand promotional events’ or events that ‘promoted individuals’ rather than the business of fashion, WIFW right from its beginning has been focussing on trade. For the same reason every single reason wants to be part of this event every single season.

Even though, in the beginning, participating designers have had confusions on pret and bridge lines while showing their collections on this runway platform, it has changed over the years. Now designers are focussed on the pret part and the coming event should prove to be a treat not just for designers in terms of business but for the guests who will be going to watch the collections also.

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  • Anonymous

    Law should encourage free speech rather than inhibit it.Besides,law, specially the archaic ones should not be used to silence critics..


  • NoDoubleStandard

    Well, I would like to see you make a similar persuasive argument in favour of liberal views when it comes to a particular region. As in when people criticize that religion


  • pankaj#1

    When you say, minority character of this University, what you mean by it? Please elaborate.


    Dr Mishra Reply:

    good question Dr Pankaj


    pankaj#1 Reply:



    engricn Reply:

    minority like brhmns of india.hiding among hindus but keeping their identity entact.

  • Anonymous

    AMU was the focal point of Pakistan movement. It should have been closed down in 1947.


    engrich Reply:

    pakistan was british plan.


    Akhtar Arif Reply:

    Hey education institution ……….. is not closed. its the symbol of education and root of dessipation of knowledge. Both muslims, hindus and all are imparted education here. The first graduate of AMU was a hindu. Only idiot with biased views will have such opinion.


    Raghavendra Reply:

    If both hindus and muslims both study then why you people want minority status to that university my dear? let it be an university for all communities and not just muslims


  • CArahulgrover88

    what is the minority status , aint amu has majority muslims students?


  • kanishka

    Here is the standard response to all your rantings:

    “We would have listened to your sob-stories if Muslims were facing
    problems only in India. But your folks seem to be having problems throughout
    the world including in your own Muslim Ummah where the Shias and Sunnis have
    been at each other’s throats for the last 1400 years now! There is not a single point of
    time in the Islamic History when the religion of PEACE was ever at peace either
    with the non-muslims or even with fellow Muslims (from rival sects)! Your
    death-cult has proven to be a thorn in everyone’s rear. Will Aligarh Univ ever work for peace? No Never.

    Ever heard of this

    “When in
    minority, blow up the KAFIRS; when in majority, blow up the FAKIRS”

    “When in minority, blow up the infidels; when in majority, blow up each


    momn doter Reply:

    good one dude. My thoughts exactly


    Akhtar Arif Reply:

    Muslims are facing problems in iraq…… after fake charges of WMDs and subsequent war…………killing 8 million iraqis by sanctions on essential items and wars of colonisation for oil. Its shameful demoncratic world barking…….. on mind control media as the war in iraq as war of terror but they are creating terrror. Shame on imperialistic alliance craving for OIL and energy dependency killing innocents. Saddam was a ruthless dictator but he was killed to be replaced by puppet regime and divide sectarian division of muslims. Afghanistan had banned OPIUM smuggling in 1996 so by 2001 after false flag 9/11 the supply of illegal opium drugs were not in market so the US attacked them in the name of extremist ideology. About 100,000 people die avoidably from opiate drug-related causes each year. The US Alliance restored the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry from 6% of world market share in 2001 to over 90% today. It can accordingly be estimated that about 0.1 million people per year x 0.9 x 9 years = 0.8 million people have died globally due to US Alliance restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry, this including about 100,000 Americans and 3,000 Australians. Shame on people following blindly the western news and media without intellectual analysation.


    Akhtar Arif Reply:

    `Hinduism’, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU said in

    his “THE DISCOVERY OF INDIA” (Page 37):

    “HINDUISM as a faith is vague, amorphous, many sided, all things

    to all men. It is hardly possible to define it, or indeed to say

    definitely whether it is a religion or not, in the usual sense of the

    word. In its present form, and even in the past, it embraces many

    beliefs and practices, from the highest to the lowest, often

    opposed to or contradicting each other.”


    Akhtar Arif Reply:

    `Hinduism’ is merely a legalised form of slavery to the Brahmin race. It is not a religion, but a cancer and a disease that must be fought at all costs if this world is to survive. The plagues of Nazism and Totalitarianism, which have claimed more than 200 million lives this century alone, have their roots in Brahmanism, the former having been originated by Pandit Manu, and the latter by Pandit Kautilya. The death and destruction, the sheer human misery caused by Huinduism has already exceeded that which would be caused by a full-scale nuclear holocaust. The Ramayana and the Mahabharat are no doubt GREAT stories, but they are also stories that belong to India’s ancient past. We
    cannot scientifically or factually prove the authenticity of these tales, and as such, we cannot accept Hinduism as a religion. Religion is a “man to God” relationship and not a “man to man” relationship. To reach God, treating fellow human beings with love, justice and equal rights is a duty upon the believer. Most religions preach these ideals. Unfortunately Hinduism, which originated from the Brahmins, preaches that to reach your God you should not treat them with justice or give them equal rights. On the other hand Hinduism teaches a man how to cheat and enslave people in the name of “Religion”. With this technique, 5% (Brahmins) of India’s population have control over 95% of its people.


  • Nirode Mohanty

    That University should be named as Aligarh University. It was created just to have Muslim Identity and to create Pakistan. It is serving the hard core radicals. Indian tax payers money should not support it.No place for communalism please. Ms. Gandhi be a true national, do not buy their votes


  • Rana

    How about a blog that critiques radicalism in Islam written from the perspective of a free-thinking, liberal muslim. There aren’t too many of the latter and so your blog could be a good starting point for it. Then you are self-reflexive about the flaws within your own religion as you are about the majority’s so called “oppressive” rule.


    Faulitics Reply:

    Zia is not a liberal or a free thinker. He sounds pretty communal to me.


  • Rahul chodo

    Please this Zeehadi jurnalist Zia always pick and choose the subject which would lies about the Muslim status in India in the light of paid justice Sacchar report. I think Hindu majority India certain pockets Hindus are the most sufferers economically and financially and it has been kept that way because Congress party headed by Sonia Maino is a avid Hindu hater and she spent all the dole out social scheme targeting only the upliftment of the Muslim with Saccahr report which Con party already made it by paying handsome amount to justice scahhar. Now some shoul ask this Zeehadi journalist Mr.Zia to describe the minority status of the Hindus in Paksitan or may be the whole 53 Islamic nation. What the status of the non_Muslim? Hindus? Please tell the truth. If you can’t then majority Hindus have every right to kick your ugly face back to Pakistan. That is the only reason these corrupt Muslim alwsyas prefer Congress in power even at the cost of the present scams and the loot. Because these selfish Muslim knew about their barbaric genocide of the Hindus and they did not want to take any chance in supporting any other party rather than Congress.


  • momn doter

    You are a muslim, what’s with Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan and Gandhi.


  • Faulitics

    Another boring article on a boring topic when there are so many interesting “Muslim” topics for this “Muslim affairs” writer.


  • Faulitics

    Seconding Rajeev’s point, here is one fact about this wonderful place which Zia left out. Maybe he “forgot”. From Wikipedia

    -Before 1939, faculty and students supported an all-India nationalist movement. After 1939, political sentiment shifted toward support for a Muslim separatist movement. Students and faculty mobilised behind Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the Muslim League hence became an epicentre of Pakistan Movement

    So it was a hub of anti India and communal Islamist forces even back in 1947. Zia didn’t say if things changed in 2013 or its still the same.


    engricn Reply:

    all because of high caste hindu support to british robbers and occupiers.


  • indian

    shaala shuorer baccha


  • Debasish

    Why should we have a Aligarh Muslim University or a Banaras Hindu University is a secular nation? Why should we talk about “minority” status for a university in a secular nation? Why can’t we rise above religion? Zia – you were seeking the answer to the question “Am I a Muslim first or an Indian first?”. From your posts, the readers definitely know the answer.


    Anonymous Reply:

    AMU divided the nation whereas BHU has not. There is the difference. Don’t try to get certificate of secularism from communal muslims.


    engrich Reply:

    both have divided india and sodiety.pakistan was result of british plan.generally muslims were against it.


  • Ravi

    This is NA Pak hafees on the line.

    I Na- Pak hafees hereby declare that we should not keep crying discrimination discrimination discrimination….

    After all we are backward becasue idiots like me make youngsters into violent suicide bombers and get them to hate humanity.

    Muslims will only progress if they stuff me up…. and the thought process of alienation I represent….


  • PS!

    India is secular only because India has a Hindu majority. In those pockets where Muslims are in majority, we know exactly the kind of ‘tehzeeb’ that is being heaped on non-muslim populations. The same Indian people, if converted to the Muslim faith, will behave like Pakistanis, Bangladeshis etc. Articles 29 & 30 are NOT required in a Hindu country AND, they will be erased in letter & spirit in a Muslim country/ dominated area within India. Look at Kashmir, parts of Kerala, UP, West Bengal, Bihar, Hyderabad and one can realize the truth for oneself.


    engricn Reply:

    India is secular only because India has a Hindu majority

    hinduism is not religion


  • Narendra modi

    This Zeehadi harmajada in disguise Zia haq’s favorite one line from lunatic Arndhati Roy’s prose is her mention of Hindu fanaticism. This is for which Zia , a taleban supporter who never bothered that 2 % Hindus in Paksitan are the story of worst human sufferings of rape, state sponsored terrorism to convert them to Isalm and thier women raped and converted. These does nor affect this Zehadi Harami who is never thought why since partion of Hindu majority India nd Isalmic Paksitan for which Zia’ ancestor voted 86% Muslim voted for Paksitan. Why the majority hindus should tolerate any Musslaman harami like Zia. He should go back to Paksitan liek all the Hindus were kicked out from paksitan to India. It is high time these traitors who are hell bent to destroy Hindu majority India should be identified and taught a lesson. I hope 2014 will bring Mr.Modi as PM and BJP in power and we then re-strat a dialouge for 1) EXCHANGE OF POPULATION WITH PAKISTANI HINDUS AND SIKHS, 2) DEPORTATION OF ALL ILLEGAL BANGLADESHI AND PAKISTANI MUSLIM AND UNIFORM CIVIL CODE.AND LASTLY IDENTIFY A TERROR MO9DULE OF ISLAMIC TERROR AND IT’S SYMPATHISER LIKE ZIA HAQ AND ARUNDHATI ROY.



    Zia and Roy are concerned about rightists but Muslims continue to massacre civilians in bomb blasts all over India. What about decimation of native Pandits from Kashmir? Are rightists or Muslims responsible for that?



    Democracy is the most comfortable and convenient vehicle for MUSLIMS to ride on for their DESTINATION of AN I5LAMIC STATE. with SHARIA. In a democracy they can breed like pigs to gain control by sheer numbers.


  • butter

    arundhati ka paaltu katua.


  • raj

    ok, the current system is bad. is there any alternative or corrective measures to fix the system, by these liberal lights ? we know what socialism & license raj has made us. what happend to nehurian utopia promised ?


  • srinivas

    Agree of this ,for the argument,sake what is the option. Do we go to the 24X7 hartal culture ,militant trade unionism that ruined the lifes of millions of indians. Support Naxals in preventing development. Give solutions dont preach ,if we want we can go to a Muth than reading such books


  • TheJoker

    ya, and Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir valley, Afghanistan get subsidies for trip to Kaillash Mansarovar.

    Hindus also rule the Karachi film industry like the Khans do in India. Hindu was also captain of Pakistani cricket team for many years.
    Hindus have their own pakistan govt funded Vidyalayas that are famous for teaching the Facist Vedas to Hindu kids and making Hindu Saffron Terrorists out of them,
    Hindus of POK have wiped out Kashmiri Sufi muslims from Kashmir Valley of Pakistan.

    Pakistan is bleeding because of AK 47 Carrying Hindus spreading terror, in that area.

    Hindus also get scholarship and free higher education in Pakistan like muslims of Andhra pradesh and UP get here in India.

    Hindus are always fighting with each other in India-.Brahmins killing thakurs killing Banias killing OBCs Killing SC-STs and vice versa et al.

    While SHIA-SUNNIS, wahaabbi -Sufis, Barelvis-Salafis, AShrafs-Aljafs-Arzals are showering each other WITH LOVE IN PAKISTAN.

    Hindus do terror attacks across pakistan.

    Recently 9 Hindu Saffron terrorists had carried out a terror attack in Karachi by randomly shooting 190 people and destroying 3 hotels and also killing a PARSEE family in Karachi’s Parsee house and the whole operation was being carried out by remote control from Famous international terrorist Praveen Togadia n party….including RAW.

    Hindu Dons rule Karachi’s underworld and film industry, the king of karachi’s underworld is SHri Dawoodesh Ibrahmin, a pundit who carried out the serial blasts of karachi and killed 700 innocent people to retaliate against muslims who had destroyed a Hindu temple in Islamyodhya(holy city of Pakistan and birthplace of Popat MohMAD ( that temple was built by Hindu Invader king Ram by destroying Islam’s most holy mosque in town of Islamyodhya, birthplace of popet MohMAD).

    1200 years of Hindu rule had destroyed lakhs of mosques inside pakistan, and converted/killed millions of innocent non-violent muslims forcibly to Hinduism.

    In 1947, fascist Hindus wiped out Non-violent muslims from India, while population of Hindus has never stopped increasing inside Pakistan since Independence due to overbreeding by Hindus and constant illegal infiltration of Hindu Indians into pakistan through the porous Punjab, Rajasthan Border.

    Even today Hindus inside India are abducting beautiful, young muslim girls and forcibly converting them into Hinduism and marrying them.

    Young Muslim boys are being converted LIVE in TV studios of India.

    Hindus inside India riot regularly against peaceful non-violent muslims, especially after Tuesday prayers in Temples, where the PUROHIT (priest) provokes Hindus to go and attack Muslim Adharmis…..

    this is because

    MUSLIM’s Holy Book Quran teaches Secularism and Love for all religions, while Hindu Holy books teach hatred and Violence against All Non-hindus and asks Hindus to establish RAAM RAJYA all over the world by hook or by crook.

    And all this while selfish corrupt muslim politicians of pakistan continue to Pamper Hindus for Hindu Vote-bank.

    Hindus have also doing terror attacks in NYC(9/11 was done by Hindus with Mossad and CIA help and total plan was hatched by Praveen Togadia), London bombings(british hindus trained in the terror camps of Badrinath, kedarnath in uttarakhand), Madrid bombings, Hindus also kiled Theodore vanGogh because he made an anti-hindu film, the hindus stabbed him to death in broad daylight in AMsterdam, Hindus also plotted to blow up the Danish Newspaper office in Copenhagen; the plot was hatched by Sahvi pragya, becoz the danish newspaper had published cartoons of Lord SHiva, hindus are terrorizing the world from Morocco to Libya to Egypt to Somalia (Al-saffron gang), to Algeria, Mali, Nigeria(Boko Paap Gang), Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, ALbania, Dagestan, Chechnya, Moscow bombings, Uzbekistan, Xinjiang-China, Pakistan, Afghanistan(whole mountain range is called Muslim-Kush=Muslim $LAUGHTER), Pakistan, Bangladesh, kashmir valley(hindus have made 600,000 innocent muslims refugees in their own land), North Kerala, Arakan-burma(hindu rohingyas fighting with Buddhists there), SOuth Thailand, Indonesia(Bali bombing was done by Hindus), SOuth Phillipines(Abu-Saffron Terror Gang) etc…..all over the world Hindus are a menace.

    So u see, Hindus are very bad!! Muslims are very SEcular, Non-violent and SAD.
    Islam Zindabaad, Sanaatan Dharma Murdabaad.

    Note: popet MohMad learned Secularism, NON-VIolence and strict Vegetarianism from the JAINS of Saudi arabia…an extremely fanatically NON-VIOLENT people, who do not engage in Violence even when self defense is necessary….they prefer to die rathar then retaliate. thats why ISLAM is SO peaceful.



  • Phati Chuddy

    The blasts in Hyderabad were engineered by the Congress to threaten states ruled by other political parties; they were a threat to them so that thy must fall in line and support NCTC. Resultantly, Mamata Banerjee has agreed; Narender Modi and Jayalalitha would be obliged to agree next. Moreover, Kiran Kumar Reddy is facing internal trouble; his bete noire Jagan too is notorious for exploding such crackers – like father, lke son. and then every blast is an open invitation to the Sangh Parivarist police to arrest and torture educated and well-placed muslim youth, in order to demoralize and demonize them.


  • Raghavendra

    Mr Zia haq you dont feel MUSLIM fanaticism hurt INDIA? who created PAKISTAN? that was not created by RSS or BJP. you people do all dirty things and blame RSS for all your sins?


  • serious

    Mushawarat writes to President about murder and threat to
    Mewatis by Mathura Police

    All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat / The Milli Gazette Online

    Published Online: Feb 27, 2013

    New Delhi, 27 February 2013: President of the All
    India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the umbrella body of India Muslim
    organisations and eminent personalities, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan wrote today to
    the President of India, Prime Minister, Union Home Minister, chairmen of the
    National Human Rights and National Minorities commissions, U.P. chief minister
    and others about glaring Police lawlessness in Mathura where Mewati Muslims have
    been killed in fake encounters and threatened that they will be killed if they
    ventured into Mathura. AIMMM president took cognisance of a
    report published in yesterday’s Inquilab Urdu daily which is
    translated below.

    The AIMMM president has asked the President and
    other responsible leaders of the Union and U.P. state governments to take action
    against this lawlessness by people in uniform. Following is the full text of the
    letter and a translation of the Inquilab

    27 February 2013

    Shri Pranab Mukerjee

    Hon’ble President of India

    New Delhi

    Respected Sir,

    I am writing to you with a heavy heart. This is
    not an overstatement in the backdrop of the free-for-all race to kidnap, arrest,
    kill, incarcerate for years without trial, torture in secret safe houses, police
    stations and even inside jails. This rush to persecute and criminalize the
    Muslim community, especially the Muslim youth, has been going on since at least
    2001 when the BJP was in power and has continued unabated under the Congress
    rule at the Centre. Police, Intelligence, Special Cell, ATS, STF and umpteen
    other open and secret agencies are going about their unending persecution game
    as if there is no constitution or law or judiciary in the country. The latest
    blind arrests in Hyderabad and beyond are staring us in our disbelieving eyes at
    this point of time.

    Direct and unprovoked police attack on the Muslim
    community has been widely reported in recent years. Cases of Hashimpura &
    Maliana (22 May 1987), Beemmapalli (17 May 2009), Forbesganj (3 June 2011),
    Moradabad (6 July 2011), Gopalgarh (14 September 2011), Rudrapur (2 October
    2011) and more recently Dhule (6 January 2013) are only some glaring examples
    known to all but apart from lip service, nothing concrete has been done to stop
    and detoxify this menace of an utterly communalized and biased force.

    The immediate provocation that made me write this
    letter is a news item in a respectable Urdu newspaper which shows how our police
    has become an unbridled beast, killing innocents at will and behaving as if it
    is law unto itself. I am afraid this menace will not stop with the Muslim
    community. Instead, a day will come when no one’s life and honour will be safe
    in our country at the hands of these beasts in uniform. I have got this report
    translated in full for your convenience. The same is attached herewith alongwith
    the original Urdu report.

    The S.P. Mathura referred to in the report is
    Pradeep Yadav and Advocate Sher Muhammad referred to in the report may be
    contacted at 09812006792.

    Kindly take whatever action is possible under law
    at your end.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan



    [Umbrella body of the Indian Muslim

    D-250, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New
    Delhi-110025 India

    Tel.: 011-26946780 Fax:

    Email: Web:

    “If anyone of you comes to Mathura, his
    fate will be similar to that of Shabbir”

    By Farzan Qureshi

    New Delhi: “Government has given us the licence
    to kill people. If any Mewati came to Mathura, he too will be killed”.

    Sarpanch Mumtaz Ali of Rethat village of Mewat
    district said this quoting Mathura Police. The background of this warning by
    Mathura Police is that at about 10 p.m. on 20 February, two real brothers, both
    truck drivers living in Rethat village of Mewat district, were driving their
    truck towards Mathura. On their way, they stopped at Chaudhari dhaba
    for taking their dinner. After dinner, the younger brother Shabbir went to
    the toilet. On his return, a police officer stopped him and questioned him. When
    he told his name and the district he came from, the police officer took him
    along and subsequently shot him dead. Police claimed that he was killed in a
    “encounter” while people of his village say that he was killed in a fake
    encounter. Sarpanch Mumtaz Ali accused that on 23 February the Mathura police
    had threatened us in front of all members of the Panchayet that “government has
    given us the licence to kill people and if anyone of you came to Mathura he too
    will meet the same fate as that of Shabbir”. The police officer also said that
    “so far I have killed 16 persons”.

    Mumtaz Ali further said that police did not
    register any FIR even five days after Shabbir’s murder, neither handed over his
    dead body to us nor allowed us to bury his body nor gave us his medical report”.
    He added that (in the absence of these things) on what ground can we file a
    case. He added that villagers are not much educated people and hence police
    keeps frightening and threatening them every now and then. He said that if we
    get his dead body, we would have got post-mortem done and initiate some action.
    He further said that Mewat’s S.P. has told Mathura police not to give Shabbir’s
    dead body to these people, otherwise they will sit on a dharna and
    indulge in disturbances. Mumtaz Ali alleged that when we went to the Mathura
    Police for taking Shabbir’s dead body, policemen told us that the S.P. very much
    hates the people of Mewat, so it is better if you do not meet him. Policemen
    even told us that you people are very lucky that we showed you Shabbir’s dead
    body, otherwise we do not show the dead bodies of persons whom we kill.

    Mumtaz Ali said that Mathura police has so far
    killed five-six youths of Mewat and after killing them they either burn them or
    bury them instead of giving the bodies to anyone. He also revealed that before
    actually murdering Shabbir, one grave was already dug and kept ready in Mathura
    city two days prior to the murder. This proves that police had deliberately
    killed Shabbir in an encounter. Mumtaz said, while describing the conditions in
    Shabbir’s house and village, that there is mourning in his house and his mother,
    wife and two daughters are totally broken down. A wave of fear prevails in the
    village and no one is taking care of us.

    Meanwhile, reacting to the police claim openly
    that government has given them the licence to kill, advocate Sher Muhammad said
    that we are trying to gather proofs and witnesses for filing a case in the High
    Court. He added that this was a fake encounter and even if police has got the
    post-mortem done, it will be according to its own liking. He said that we were
    not allowed to bury Shabbir’s dead body. Instead, the police buried it on its
    own and did not even allow his mother and wife to look at it.

    Inquilab Urdu daily, Delhi, 26 Feb 2013 [Translated from


    Clipping of report in Urdu:

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  • Abhi

    “Gandhi, speaking in some chaste Urdu, seemed to back a “minority status”
    for the university, a key Muslim demand, caught in a long legal
    The idea of a university, devoted solely to this community or that, is what is keeping the country backward in the field of education in the world; so much so, that there is NO university in India which counts in the top one hundred in the world. A university, by the very name, should imply something devoted to universal good, and not for the good of any particular community.