High fashion coming

Okay, now the murmurs and calls are about to begin… happiness and sadness about to flow… everyone wants to be part of the Delhi Couture Week and slots unfortunately are limited. But then, it is a platform where every designer will now be craving to be in, especially after the “sad demise” of the couture week in Mumbai.

It was unfortunate that the couture week in Mumbai failed to happen last year marking the end of its three year long journey. It had all the elements both on and off its runway with fabulous designers being part of it and the creme de la creme of the city flocking in to see the shows… it had fancy things woven around it too like BMW 7 Series cars ferrying VVIP guests, the venue hotel Grand Hyatt doing the best it can to make sure all guests went home happy etc… still it did come to an end. Unfortunate.

That left Delhi Couture Week as the only one of its kind in the country… atleast for the moment. Once I was chatting with a high ranking German luxury automobile executive and he told me, of course after having watched both the couture week in Mumbai and Delhi, that Delhi always lacked that finesse in terms of venue and crowd… being a non-partisan journalist I did not quite react to his statement but made sure that I asked him some questions that side… “What made you say that,” I asked him… Well, according to him, Delhi’s crowd who attend the couture week is not really glamorous but Mumbai’s is… he liked all the Bollywood stars and the rest of the well heeled who stepped out of their fancy cars to attend the shows. And he also thought, some of the Mumbai’s choice of designers were “better.”

Whether his statement is true or not, the fact remains that despite all the add ons that he mentioned, that couture week no more exists. Period,

Now with the announcement of the dates for Delhi Couture Week in August, the excitement for entries are just about to begin. Last year, I received so many calls from several fashion designers expressing their disgruntlement of not having been chosen to be part of the event. I can well understand their disappointments for couture week is a platform where they can show what they want and how they want. Having said that I also know that not many participants have made use of that platform well, whether it is Delhi or Mumbai.

The thing is that fashion designers first will have to make up their mind as to how much they want to invest in terms of stage, decor, gadgets, creations and of course the drama. Manav Gangwani swept all his skeptics aside last year by showing a spectacular collection in the most befitting manner for a couture show and still people talk about it. I guess that’s how one should go about doing things here and Manav has set a benchmark for all designers.

Unless fashion designers are ready to spend money to make either creations that they should have no hope in hell to sell here or make some thing so spectacular (like Shahab Durazi did at the HDIL Couture Week after his five year long hiatus from shows) that they still have hope to sell… one of these should happen… else it will just be murmurs and a no-show on the fashion runway!

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