Pointing fingers carefully in CWG scam

Raghav Sikka

The controversial probe of the Commonwealth Games has brought Suresh Kalmadi back into the limelight. This time the Organising Committee chief has been snubbed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and finally the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

Poor Kalmadi has been secluded by his party colleagues in the Congress and now faces suspicion on corruption charges despite of delivering a successful Delhi 2010. Is Kalmadi the only one to blame? I don’t think so.

According to the Delhi CM, if there is any corruption, it is in the activities that were carried out by the Organising Committee who were given Rs. 1,600 crores by the Central government to host the event. But how clean is the Delhi government who had a budget of Rs 16,000 crores for the construction aspects of the Games? If Kalmadi is the face of the Organising Committee then Sheila Dixit is the face of the Delhi government. Why are we trying to save the culprits in the Delhi government and just focusing on Suresh Kalmadi?

Nevertheless Kalmadi remains calm as ever as he is ready to face the music and has welcomed the probe without any hesitation. The man knows he is not alone in this mess and even members of the Central government, Delhi government and the Commonwealth Games Federation are all party to the decisions made whilst organizing the Games.

So who do we blame? I think it is a combined effort of NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council), MCD (Municipal Corporation of India), Urban Development Ministry, the Delhi Government and the Organizing Committee to loot India’s wealth. And what about Emmar – MGF builders who handed over the Games Village to DDA (Delhi Development Authority)? Should they be asked to explain conditions at the Games Village too?

The debate can go on and on and we can pinpoint flaws forever. But the bottom line remains that this is not the first time that such a probe is set up and it is definitely not the first time I believe that the guilty will be freed in no time.

Just looking at the current situation of the CWG probe, the famous Bofors scandal, the Bihar fodder scandal and the Oil-for-food scam all come to my mind and make me realize that even this time, nobody will be punished. Let us not overlook the fact that the conviction rate in our country is extremely low and most cases fail due to shoddy investigations.

After all, it takes only a few more fraud and corruption cases to forget about the current CWG scam.

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