Deaf, dumb and blind

Last week I heard with interest Rahul Gandhi, as the newly appointed vice president of his party, call for the identification of 40 to 50 people in the Congress in each state who could be leaders -potential chief ministers and prime ministers.

This week travelling to Hyderabad on a private visit and attending a Rotarian Republic eve do with a friend as, well, just a friend, I was pleasantly surprised to come across the Speaker of the Andhra Pradesh assembly, Nadendla Manohar, who is probably just one of the bright young things whom Rahul Gandhi is waiting to discover.

“I can speak freely as there is no media present here” Manohar said and almost instinctively I sank back in my chair even as my friends looked at me to see if I would stand up and be counted. I was glad I didn’t because that cowardice helped me to listen to a wonderfully sincere speech shorn of all the gallery play usually put up for the media.

I was told by my friends that AP has more talent like him -for example Congress MP U Arun Kumar who had the tenacity to dig up parliamentary records of past decades and come up with convincing and logical arguments to punch holes in the Telangana argument, including expose ghe duplicity of TRS leader K Chandrashekhar Rao.

manohar, though, spoke no politics at the Rotary event but it was interesting to note the clarity with which he identified the government’s stellar schemes like Aadhaar, which would empower even the least represented people in this country, the mid-day meal scheme which feeds millions of children every day, the pulse polio drive which will lead to total eradication of polio from India in a few years, etc. “The government is in that sense the biggest NGO in the country,”Manohar said.

But one scheme he seemed to have missed -something – which even Rahul Gandhi mentioned only in the passing – is the UPA’s latest direct cash transfer scheme. It may have got off to a shaky start but I have seen the tremendous excitement among the poor about the scheme in both the cities and villages of Maharashtra, Gujarat and now Andhra Pradesh where there is a huge rush to secure Aadhaar cards which will form the basis of the empowerment.

And for all that Rahul Gandhi said that corrupt people are the ones so fond of eradicating corruption, I wonder why the originators of this most unique scheme anywhere in the world are unable to see that this is their biggest weapon in fighting corruption — no one in the party is so far promoting the scheme so.

After long years of political reporting I have come to the conclusion that the best schemes in the country have come from the Congreas party over the decades (and not just the UPA years) but that despite bringing the communication and information technology revolutions to the country, they have no idea on how to use that information revolution to press home on their advantages.

I have heard many UPA ministers blame opposition governments in various states for passing off thd MGNarega scheme as their own but I have discovered that even their chief minister, Y S Rajshekhar Reddy, did the same – Narega, I am told, has been best implemented in Andhra Pradesh but all the poor people who benefit from the scheme believe it. Is YSR’s brainchild and not the UPA’s. Not surprising then that YSR’s son, Jaganmohan Reddy, should steal a march over the Congress in AP and I believe then that the Congress therefore deserves every bit of drubbing it gets in AP these days as also elsewhere in the country for, perhaps, the same reasons.

What can one say about a party that has ample talent sitting right under its nose -I i had discovered equal matches to Manohar in Gujarat during the assembly elections there in December – and cannot even see them even in the sunlight? Blind! And have the beat of minds who can think up schemes to make the lives of millions of people better every day but then cannot even hear others marching in? Deaf! And those who can’t even speak up for their own plans? Dumb?

No wonder, then, that the UPA is so handicapped!

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  • sudhanshu

    Did u get paid to write this article? What are your views on Prime ministers being born in a family? Why do you think Rahul Gandhi is suitable for vice president of a national political party?


    Ravi Reply:

    She is a shameless Congi stooge.Just read all her previous blogs


  • rakesh katyal

    Congress wants only two talents, sycophancy and the ability to loot. From Shinde to Khurshid to Navin Jindal they meet one or both the requisites. Any other talent if you have Digvijay will not even let you come close to RG.


  • Raghavendra

    Sujata Congress has talent their talent is to hoodwink people in the name of FARM LOAN WAIVER and swindle hundreds of crores of public money.
    Congress has talent to loot this nation in the CWG games.

    i dont feel BJP or any other party has the TALENT like Congress to have a SCAM to the tune of 50,000 crores or 1 lakh crores.

    i feel Congress has great talent in looting this country.


  • Anonymous

    Frankly this blog qualifies to be paid one (obviously by Congress). This journo is corrupt to the core.


  • Plumbline

    Mark 9:24-27……….

    24 Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”…
    25 When Jesus saw that the people came running together, He rebuked the unclean spirit, saying to it: “Deaf and dumb spirit, I command you, come out of him and enter him no more!” 26 Then the spirit cried out, convulsed him greatly, and came out of him. And he became as one dead, so that many said, “He is dead.” 27 But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him up, and he arose.


  • Javed

    making hay while sun shines for few remaining days, eh sujata?
    as congress days are numbered we guess


  • Guest

    The real talent may have been born on the wrong side of the railway track.


  • EducateJournos

    Oh my my, Ms Sujata Anandan, your biased political views are plainly displayed in your writing… you should do a better job at hiding which side you lean towards and do away with the tosh of “rarely a good word for anyone barring a few exceptions”.

    In this one piece you have attempted to highlight every scheme for the aam aadmi that the Government has floated but none of which have taken off to anybodys satisfaction is something you missed… or the corruptions scandals surrounding anything and everything this regime has touched.

    Coating one’s political leanings with a little bit of sprinkle of criticism is an old writers technique… people have moved on from that to become more honest journos / editors… Some even have stopped taking sides at all… Maybe its time for you to move on rather than use this very powerful tool of being an editor to the advantage of the Congress.

    Kindly do not come back hitting at me that these are your views and you are entitled to them. Because my simple answer would be that I am entitled to my own views too. The difference is, you are permitted to write for Hindustan Times while I have not applied yet. Be a responsible journo and ask yourself what the Congress or UPA represents and then ink anything about them or their opponents as I have read in your column today. Yes this is another Narendra Modi fanboy, and mind you… we are very large in numbers and it would not be intelligent to ignore the sentiments of a growing mass. Anyways do have a fruitful day.


  • Teodorsmith

    I think that its very Politically Manifesto before the election .


  • Brankasmith

    he is very great Youth leader of the congress.basically there are many Lots of Youth leader in the congress but Rahul is very confidence man for congress.he is encourage to congress worker during the election .


  • Phen375

    great fitness points.


  • Olufunkesmith

    I think that Congress is depend in the Rahul gandhi for become a win the election .


  • ebonyadaring
  • Praveen Saxena

    The External Affairs establishment of GOI under UPA can boast of only one achievement to its credit ….success in orchestrating the boycott of Modi by the West..


  • JMK

    I don’t think there is that much importance to the meeting between Mr. Modi and Ms. Powell. Other countries do the same. Diplomats meet with leaders of ruling and opposition parties before elections. If Modi becomes the next prime minister, India’s foreign policy would not be any different. I cannot say for sure about internal policies.