Bharat is worse off than India, Mr Bhagwat

Some years ago then RSS chief the late K Sudershan had come up with a unique plan to combat the presumed mushrooming population of Muslims in India. Contrary to all anthropological data in the country he thought all Muslims had four wives when the fact was that it was more Hindu and Jain businessmen, rather than the comparatively poor Muslims, who had the means to afford second and third establishments had married more than once.

Now Sudershan desired Hindus to decisively override the Muslim population by adding more children to their own. For this he Advocated that women should be married young, soon after they reached child bearing age and that each one should be compelled to produce a minimum of five children. Seven to eight would be highly desirable, he said.

Of course, he was jumped upon by several women’s groups for his antediluvian views and for being way out of touch with reality and was suitably bushes in no time at all. I personally thought of him as India’s own Nikolai Ceaucescu, the Romanian dictator, who had tried out a Similar experiment in his own country for which he was almost lynched by women when they got the opportunity before he was killed for other crimes, Ceaucescu had banned contraceptives and family planning and thought he would make his country a great and powerful one by simply adding to its numbers. He thought populous countries like India and China would soon be very powerful and take over those like the United States and the USSR by the sheer strength of it’s population and he wanted his own in the same league.

So contraceptives and abortions were banned in Romania, There were bedroom policemen in Romania who could conduct surprise checks to ensure that couples were not surreptitiously practicing contraception, women aborted unwanted pregnancies on their kitchen tables done surreptitiously by quacks neither qualified nor armed with the right equipment and the maternal mortality and child mortality rates in the world were the highest in Romania in those years. Not surprisingly after Ceaucescu’s overthrow, the rate of contraceptive sales and abortions too, now freely available, were the highest in the world. I thanked God that the RSS was not in charge of our destinies or else all women in this country too would have met the same fate as the Romanian ones.

But now the relatively modern and politically savvy RSS sarsangh chalak, Mohan Bhagwat, seems to have done him even prouder by stating that rapes happen in India and not Bharat because women in the cities follow Western norms and ideals and women in rural areas are duly shy and retiring. The last part of his statement might well be true but I wonder if he knows being shy and traditionally clothed is no guarantee against rape in rural areas? Even if urban rapes were blamed on western styles and dress, can Bhagwat quite explain why next door to his own city of residence, a poor but bright Dalit girl of tender age (she had just passed her SSC with flying colours) was brutally raped and killed along with her mother and brother in a village called Khairlanji in Bhandara district by some upper class men who hated the thought that she had bested their own daughters in studies and was going to the same college as them?
Was that not a caste thing that is the dominant and socio-political reason for rapes in our villages where upper caste men think it is their God-given right to routinely humiliate or even kill lower caste women just to demonstrate their manhood and dominance?

Then how about the innumerable rapes that are being reported out of rural Haryana or, the BJP’s own turf of Gujarat where only last week a two year old girl died after being raped by her own uncle? And perhaps Bhagwat has also not heard of the fact that a rape takes place in India every 22 minutes and 90 per cent of them within families where the violator is often an older male relative? Bhagwat surely needs a lesson in history, geography, sociology and statistics before he can consider himself qualified to forward an informed opinion on such things that male life excruciating in villages for women who have less access, power, information or legal remedies to combat atrocities against them.

So once again in less than a decade I thank God again that men like Bhagwat are not in charge of the destinies of women, whether in India or even in Bharat!

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