Ok for Peter but not for Paul!

I must say a new respect has dawned in my heart for noted lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani. He was candid enough to admit that if any of the ministers in the Jan Lokpal Committee had to have been caught out in various acts like the Bhushan father-and-son duo have been, he would have been baying for their blood.

“Of course, I would have demanded action against them because I have a certain bias against the Congress. But since the Bhushans are my friends and I know them, I say let the committee go on.”

Nothing could be more candid – or more hypocritical. And that’s what this entire scam about the Jan Lokpal Bill is all about – hypocrisy. I agree with noted Marathi editor Kumar Ketkar that former Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh is the Raj Nath of Indian Politics rather than a hero or quite the villain. But, for once, I found myself agreeing with this joker in the pack – though I would like to point out to him that he has been rather mixing up his metaphors.

“What is ok for Peter Amar Singh is not ok for Paul, the Bhushans,” he said (he should actually have said, ‘what’s sauce for goose Amar singh is obviously not sauce for the gander, the Bhushans,’ but we will let that go – he made himself understood).

The civil society members on that committee had crowed when they said some nasty things about Sharad Pawar and the Union Agriculture Minister resigned from the drafting committee, without a shred of evidence against him in that particular case (though, as my former Editor Vir Sanghvi points out elsewhere, Pawar has a career full of corruption charges against him). I still maintain that Pawar’s resignation was not out of pique but had some more sinister design to his purpose. But that’s now beside the point.

Obviously the same yardstick is not applicable to the Bhushans or any other civil society member on the Jan Lokpal Committee. Probity is only for ministers. And that, too, Congressmen. Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan had to resign on charges of corruption while Karantaka chief minister B S Yedyurappa continues even as his party chief Nitin Gadkari gives him a clean chit saying he might have done things immoral but nothing that was illegal.

The Bhushans seem to have taken that very leaf out of the BJP’s book to have themselves investigated by themselves and give themselves a clean chit, while Pondicherry governor Iqbal Singh is being questioned by the Enforcement Direcotrate and the CBI files charge sheets against both Chavan in the Adarsh scam and various DMK personalities in the 2G scam.

Amar Singh was right: what’s ok for Peter is most certainly not ok for Paul!

Moreover, their refusal to quit the Jan Lokpal Committee on the grounds that their resignation would derail the committee is plain insult to so many other capable lawyers in this country. I have no opinion on the Bhushans or the scams they find themselves in – I only object to the superciliousness of the civil society members who act as though the Bhushans are indispensable and there is no one else in this country capable of honesty or even drafting a good Lokpal (or any other) bill.

For all those trolls who went viral attacking my senior colleague Vinod Sharma on his blog for his meticulous investigation (and `due diligence’, as he puts it) into the Bhushan CD scam, I think the report of the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) has come as a blow in the face of the Bhushans. When I saw Prashant Bhushan hold a press conference on Sunday evening (April 17, 6pm) and provide two reports, one from the US, I wondered how they had obtained at least the American one so quickly. Considering that nothing works in the US on a weekend and that it would have been then 6am Sunday morning US time when Prashant was holding the press conference, the US agency had had to have worked overtime to prove their innocence, given that the CDs became public only on Thursday and could not have reached the US before the weekend. Yet, Vinod Sharma’s two-day probe and 12-hour test of the CD was too little for his critics. That is a question that needs to be asked by everyone who wants to get to the bottom of the truth.

I do not know the Bhushans and have nothing against them – I am only pointing out to the gaps in the stories/defences and the hypocrisy indulged in by all of them. Even social worker Arun Kejriwal on television was quick to point fingers at all the ministers on the committee, without any allegations against them, and say, rather plaintively, “No one is saying anything against them!” As though people need to bring allegations against ministers just because they are politicians. In the same breath Kejriwal was saying, “I think there are some allegations about some letters against me, too, that will be out in a day or two.”

He’s been saying that for a week now and there are still no allegations or letters against him. Makes me wonder what he was expecting and who exactly is indulging in a smear campaign.

Forgive me, if I now think I am so ‘conphujed’ that I do not know who is saying what or where all those allegations are coming from.

And while we are on the subject of hypocrisy, this is another one for the trolls: without naming names (for they are all in the public domain), those in the media who had cried out the loudest against Vir Sanghvi and Group Editor of NDTV Barkha Dutt over the Radia tapes, are now having fingers pointed at them: for their alleged association with, hold your breath, former telecom minister A Raja and, hold your breath again, getting paid for the same. At least the Radia tapes concerning the journalists were only about some faffing and loose talk and obviously the CBI, in their questioning of Niira Radia, has either discounted them or not thought them important enough to question the lobbyist about those conversations.

So will all those self-righteously pious types now apologise?

Or at least acknowledge that, for all their supercilious holier-than-thou attitude, their double standards are now coming home to roost?

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  • Gianinder

    Great article Sunanda, I am with you 100%….what flow of words, what a scientific analysis and you also quoted Amar Singh…WOW!!!!! AND you also agree with him……AWESOME.

    I agree on the double standard part and no one should have double standards but can we apply the same to ourselves and have the GUTS to declare ourselves Pro congress rather then Studio Hopping claiming to be a great journalistic institute and intellectual Repository of democratic values????? AND Your Peter and Paul is your promoter and owner who receives Padam Bhushan for Journalistic excellence (it’s like the Pharmaceutical company chairman receiving noble prize for a new drug instead of the scientist who worked in the lab!!!!) and then goes on to become a nominated Rajya Sabha member.

    So can we apply the same priciple and come out and say we are a newspaper that is Congress leaning….just leaning would be good enough but can we do it by applying this same truthful philosphy that you espounged??????


    Roshan Reply:

    Sujata’s article is great. She has called a spade a spade . It appears as if everyone should agree with Anna Hazare and his Civil society. Otherwise, you will be branded pro-congress. Like it or not. Even those supporting the Congress have a right to express their opinion in this democracy without being treated as lepers.


    escapebeat Reply:

    Iski topi, Uske sar !! Good on you !! why don’t you get placed statues of all the corrupt Congressmen at your place !! You’ll soon see the statues coming live and bribing each other !! Jor ka Jhatka………………..se lage !!!


    Shri Reply:

    couldn’t agree more with you @ Gianinder


    Rahul Saproo Reply:

    Mr Corrupt congressman,

    Rather than questioning and passing comments in the air. Why do not you do some investigative journalism and find out who the US agency was which gave Bhushans clean chit. It is alright to be a congressman and corrupt but at least write something which makes some sense atleast.


    Harshvardhan Singh Reply:

    wah ustaad! mazaa aa gaya


  • Rajat S

    Looks likes author does not understand technology.
    To Send CD to USA it will take 26 hours but to send the content of the CD it will take only 5 minutes.
    Figuring out if the the voice conversation had been spliced is couple of hours of job if done by semi professional. So no surprises that Bhushan’s can get a report about the authenticity of CD in couple of hours.


    nandu Reply:

    oh sure they can , they can do no wrong because they are from “civil society” the angels from the heaven and over and above” they are with Anna” so should be 24 carat purity


  • Suresh

    This was exactly my reaction upon hearing about the Bushans and the charges against them. They gave up nothing, and they are part and parcel of the same corrupt system, that they now claim to reform. I have one and only one yard stick for people to be on the committee. Each and everyone on the committee should give an undertaking that they never ever in their life paid a bribe to anyone, nor accepted bribe or asked for a favor for themselves or on their behalf. I bet, it will be hard to find anyone to fill the committee.


  • Navin

    Obviously Ms Sujata not only doesn’t know the Bhushans, she knows very little besides. First, does she mean Amar Singh is the “Raj Nath” or “Raj Narain” of Indian politics? Who is this Arun Kejriwal? Does she mean Arvind Kejriwal? Clearly, she has not idea what she is writing about. As for her lame attempts at Sherlock Holmery about the timing of the press conference and the supposed coming of standstill of everything in the US on weekends, it’s laughable. Forensic labs can and do work, depending on the urgency of the cases. She betrays her true intention when she calls critics of Vinod Sharma’s equally shoddy column, high on allegation and low on facts, trolls. There is nothing wrong with defending a friend (Vinod Sharma), but she should have an actual argument, backed by evidence. Now that would be effective.


  • Rao

    A fairly cunning article. The title suggests that Paul and Peter — two similar, average Joe’s — should be treated similarly by the public. (That they should be the same under the law goes without saying.) And, the rest of the article makes the implicit assumption, nay pretends, that it’s comparing similar cases/people. And, that’s where the deviousness of this article lies. (May be the blogger has called up her former editor Vir and proudly announced “I wrote it up, Vir. I think I made a pretty clever argument.”)

    In reality, a) Shanti Bhushan is no Sharad Pawar. Sharad Pawar’s resignation without so much as an explanation as to how he amassed his wealth shows his guilt. Especially, the haste with which he resigned shows that he definitely didn’t want to invite any investigation on to himself. Contrast that with what Shanti Bhushan did. First, he provided facts. Second, he sent a legal notice to Diggy (or, should it be Doggy) Raja who immediately changed his song to “I was only repeating media reports”. And, I’m sure he is open to legal action by the government. (About the CFSL report.. truth will come out eventually.) Now, if these two look like similar cases, I congratulate Vir for his tutelage.

    b) Anna Hazare is not Amar Singh. Hope even this blogger can understand.

    Finally, how Shanti Bhushan must have got the CD verified in US so quickly? Please do tell us that, for your “blogging”, you use a type-writer and have someone enter that into a “kampootar”..


  • Good man

    No one is 100% clean but if this set of people are preparing best possible anti-corruption law thats what needed at the moment. India wont be able to find 100% clean to constitute this group who is planning to make draft for anti-corruption law. Comparatively sin or error commited by Anna group is least corrupt than rest of the bunch so we Indian are happy enough.
    Jai Hind


  • ashok kumar

    Sujata , Can you declare your assets please before becoming holier than thou. You praising amar singh who is the biggest crook in entire India. In u.s. you can anything done on sunday and bhusan niece is a professor here .


  • A Sharma

    I am from common citizen class who is against corruption and who is eagerly following all these events.

    1) It is so blatantly obvious to common man the pattern and the people behind these allegations against civil society. Its a witch hunt and one by one to all the members in the panel are targeted until or unless they either run away, or become soft on bill or give it up to other people of civil society who may agree to water it down.

    Some Media and Hindustan times looks so obviously to be part of this malicious campaign and is loosing the trust of people so fast. First of all there is no comparison between politicians and civil society.

    2) Everyone is missing the most fundamental and important point that civil society members are only involved in drafting a bill and do not hold a public office. Also, this is temporary and will be disbanded. They are doing this for the common good and not for themselves or for a particular or section of the society. It is for the country. In fact they are putting everything at stake for the common good, knowing that they will be targeted by powerful and corrupt who may have backing from the top in government, corporates and media.

    3) There is no comparison between politicians and civil society members. Politicians hold important public posts which deals with huge public money and hence public interest is at stake, where as civil society don’t. So even if you find anything against them it should be investigated separately but should not come in a way of drafting a good bill. Congress and media is cunningly trying to link the two so that the bill can be delayed or watered down.

    4) Why should Bhushans leave? Who has hurled the allegations against them – Amar & Diggi possibly with the help of media whose credibility themselves is questionable. Have these charges come from independent honest persons? Absolutely NOT. Moreover since they have always been involved in the drafting of the bill why would they be willing to leave giving any ground to confirm the allegations.

    5) The argument of Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwary and some other congress members that Lokpal bill will do nothing and even Santosh Hegde who is Laokayukta could not prevent corruption is misleading.

    My question to them is, does the most honest person our honourable Prime Minister able to check corruption in the country or even congress party?? NO. Lokpal will not wipe out corruption, it will check corruption at highest offices and it should be enforced from highest offices to lower levels, widening it, covering all areas including media and judiciary.

    6) Last but not least, if there were allegations why were these people and the goverment sleeping till now?? They should have caught them earlier and tried them. After all government is so powerful they have the full machinery behind them. Why these allegations are coming up now. Is it because these are now adamant for strong bill which will hurt the corrupt people in the politicial class which may be in majority.


    rajesh Reply:

    What you are suggesting is that so called Civil society has authority but no responsibility or accountability.

    By the way who gives Anna Hazara the right to call himself civil society…he likes himself to be called new age Gandhi…but what has he done for the country….if he was so concerned about corruption what was he doing all these years.

    It is people like you and me who are responsible for corruption who won’t do anything but just comment. We seem to think Anna is new Avatar of Vishnu who will get rid of all the demons…but will not raise one little finger ourselves.


    Gourav Reply:

    I would like to add that if action against the corrupt congress men could wait till the common wealth games were over, let the action if any to implicate the Bhushans should wait till the Lokpal bill is drafted.
    Also why is it that the noise against civil society only coming from such people who have come across as the most corrupt people in India. Just today Mayawati said that there is no Dalit representation in the Lokpal Bill and Digvijay Singh supports it. Why such things remind me of the Divide and Rule policy of the British. IF Digvijay Singh is so concerned about Dalit representation on the panel, let him propose 4 Dalits to represent the government.
    No common man is speaking against the JanLokpal but the elite is out in full force to discredit the movement and anybody associated with it. Gullible the people of India.
    Anna is no avatar of Vishnu but surely he has been scaring the corrupt deamons like Vishnu..


    Shekhar Reply:

    “if action against the corrupt congress men could wait till the common wealth games were over, let the action if any to implicate the Bhushans should wait till the Lokpal bill is drafted”

    Totally Agreed brother.

    Guest Reply:

    well said Gourav.

    Sughosh Bansal Reply:

    Yes Sir, Hazare might not be any one who, in the past, had done little for the country. But he is the one who came forward with a mission and made the Government to think, sit, and agree to do something to bring Lok Pal Bill in the Parliament though it was languishing for the lst 42 years.

    If you and some people like you are really interesting in reigning Corruption, why do you not come forward a do a bit. To start with please take a pledge (1) not to violate the rules; and (2) not to pay bribe.

    Hazare does not claim to represent the country but he is the part of country who is able to pull masses behind him at least for now.

    The 10 member team, whose Hazare is one tenth member is responsible only to draft a Bill and do nothing more. The responsibility, accountability to convert this Bill into an Act and thereafter a law rests with the parliament where you had sent one of your representative. You need to ask this representative of yours what is he doing sitting in the airconditioned chamber.

    The corruption can be tackled very effectively by ourselves at lower level, provided we are interested in doing so. For example, (1) Obey Traffic Rules and Traffic Police cannot demand a bribe; (2) Give adequate time to the Government Official to complete your job and do not pay the ‘Speed Money’; (3) If your job is not completed within the laid down time limite, choose to escalate the matter rather than scumb to the dictates of the official seeking bribe; (4) Do not steal power and pay for the electricity you have consumed. You won’t pay the bribe to the line man; (5) Do not seek favours from the officials as it is accompanied by paying the bribe; (6) Ask for receipt from the shopkeeper when you purchase a merchandise. The retailer shall have to pay the taxes to the government which in any case he had collected from you; (7) report the matter to investigaing agencies, if someone is asking bribe from you. Are you prepared for this?


    Guest Reply:

    What a bogus argument by Rajesh. What authority does civil activists have compared to the government and its ministers?? We could have believed if charges against civil society members if were coming from sincere and honest people. By your logic if I hurl any allegation against PM then he should also resign?? Will that happen? The basic thing people are not understanding is there is no personal benefit by just “helping” government to draft a bill. It is for us.

    Anna Hazare may not represent you but he represents a majority of people who are sick of corruption. Corrupt forces benefiting from such misrule may not be with him but definitely country is with him.


    Sughosh Bansal Reply:

    Excellent analysis. There is no legal expert on the earth in general and in India in particular who, in his professional life, had not defended a real culrprit and got him acquitted; or not manipulated the system to serve the needs of his client; or not performed unprofessional acts to make some or more money; or had not been corrupt at some point of time. But any and all of these acts done in the past never undermine the professional expertise of the said legal experts. I am also sure that there may be many more legal experts who are far better experts that the Bhushans duo. A particular group of people (our of 122 Crores of indians) came forward, went on Fast unto death, and compelled the government to move forward to enact the Lok Pal or Jan Lok Pal Bill. and for obvious reasons, this group who came forward was asked to nominate five persons to be the members of the Team entrusted with the job of drafting a bill. And please not that it is just drafting the Bill. Now when the ball had been set rolling, all sets of vested interests have started emerging and desiring to have a slice of cake. And where is the Cake? After the Bill is drafted, the whole process of the consultation, its amendment, its passing would pass on to the elected body of the legislature which is the Parliament. No one can stop each and every member of Parliament from tinkering with the Draft prepared by this 10 member team. In fact no one can stop all of 122 Crores of people of this country in viocing his/her own opinion and very conveniently shelve the formation of Lok Pal for another 40 years.

    As rightly said, the proposed Lok Pal is something like a policeman who would proceed to punish a corrupt person, should he be caught. For the Lok Pal to be effective, the pre-requisite is that the corrupt person is caught. And the whole country is finding faults to have such a Lok Pal. As of now the most vocal noises are emanating from the people who are accused to be known corrupt, known inefficient, and incompetant persons. But they are still roaming free, becasue they are able to manipulate the system well.

    So the country has two options – (1) Let the system remain status quo and let the few people continue to rob the reamining; or (2) let us take at least one step towards infusing some amount of fear amongs the so called swindlers who be careful to eat salt in flour rather than eat flowur in salt.

    If we just review the history of last 60 years, at least two most corrupt Chief Ministers of Punjab and Haryana are still admired for the way they led their States to and exemplary growth track. This is not to justify the Corruption but to simply highlight that if there is something good emerging for the people, corruption takes a back seat. But today, there is only corruption with little or nothing comeing in the way of the common people. Out of 122 Crores citizens of this country, there could come forward only one Hazare to catch the bull by horn and when he is being heard in the corridore of power, remaining cowards are comeing forward to dicredit him and his other 4 nominees.

    We should have patienance and wait till there is a final version of the Bill to be introduced in the Parliament.


  • Rajesh

    Madam Hindi me ek kahawat hai “Mehnat Kare Murga(IAC) Anda Khaye Fakir(Congress) ” . Kahi Aap Isi Kahawat Ko Sarthak to Nhi Karana Chahti,Double Standard Ka Sahara Lekar ? Mera Ishara Aap Samjh Gayee Hongi ..


  • Shirish

    How much money you got to write this **** ? Media is more corrupt than bureaucrats. Media in india is mafia running a parallel system to provide protection to corrupt politcians. It is a pity that some people see their saviours in these corrupt media barons. Congress has hired a full battalion of media people to plant such stories as to create an impression that since no one is 100% honest 100% times so no effort must be made to stem the rot !!!!! Wow poor Indian public.


    Shri Reply:

    Do yu really think there is corruption in the country ? Or it is just a myth ? and public is just mad ? I bet some one like you will tomorrow claim there is no corruption in India and why we need a Lok pal bill ?

    I am sorry these are most stupid arguments I have ever read anywhere in my entire life. Congress has ruled this unfortunate country most of the time since its independence and the rampant corruption is a congress culture others did same in the short period of time they had to rule India. If you can’t find a shred of evidence against Sharad Pawar it is not because he didn’t do anything wrong it is because who will collect evidence ? hahahh CBI ? or Police ? or ED ? they are all on govt payrolls? it is funny.
    I am not pronouncing judgement against Bhushans or Pawar but why this CD against Bhushans now ?


    Raj Reply:

    Read the Media Career section at wiki about Chairperson and editorial director of Hindustan Times group here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shobhana_Bhartia . She is clearly affiliated to Congress but editorial nowhere indicated that. Its a shame that people like them are acting against the country.


  • RKM

    is hammam men sab nange hain yarro. No one should blame others.


  • Anil Kumar

    Another editor on Payroll of congress, to check authenticity of CD, it doesn’t have to be transmit physically and just data is sufficient, and US employee can also work on weekend if urgent. Anyone noticed how same argument is put by Amar Singh on Television that USA agency cannot check it as it was weekend. And no one believe CFSL reports, they are to on same Gov / Congress payroll. And less said about Vinod Sharma the better.


  • Dhawal Singh

    Why is the writer so hell bent upon being the contrarian against popular sentiment. Atleast associating HT with Amar Singh (on stage he has admitted his mastery of “fecology”) is not what I expect. Rather this maybe the time to analyse the bill and its proposed contents.

    We readers are also “conphujed” about the bill. Always were. We need expert opinion, not this boxing match of smashing reputations.


  • escapebeat

    Wow!! Sujata, You found another excuse to glorify and empathize with the redundant Congress ministers !! Great !! Good on you !! For how long would you earn your living by licking the feet of the corrupt Congress and putting journalism to shame !! Forever I think !! But this is only what is expected of you !!


  • Ravinder Malhotra

    The crux of your rambling is – there is no one who is above board. Agreed.

    But then you have strayed from the large issue of – “The purpose for which the whole exercise is being undertaken”.

    As the saying goes – ” To catch a thief, send a thief”.

    The reason for the hue and cry against the Bhushans is not because they are tainted, but because they know too much about the nuances of the wily politicians and their ways to be misled into drafting vaguely.

    Continuing further I wish to point out a lesson from Sage Valmiki’s life.

    “The Uttara Khanda, tells the story of Valmiki’s early life, a highway robber named Valya Koli, born as a Dalit who used to rob people after killing them. Once, the robber tried to rob the divine sage Narada for the benefit of his family. Narada asked him if his family would share the sin he was incurring due to the robbery. The robber replied positively, but Narada told him to confirm this with his family. The robber asked his family, but none agreed to bear the burden of sin. Dejected, the robber finally understood the truth of life and asked for Narada’s forgiveness”

    Even assuming for a moment that Mr. Shanti Bhushan is privy to ill gotton wealth / land etc., the fact that today he has stepped to take the blessings of Mr. Anna Hazare is his step towards seeking forgiveness!

    Indian culture and civilization has always sided with the one who has shown repentance for his misdeeds.

    As for Amar Singh and his babble, the following annecdote sums it up -

    A sunday school teacher was telling her class the story of a good samaritan. She asked the class ” If you saw a person lying on the roadside, all wounded and bleeding, what would you do?”

    A thoughtful little girl broke the hushed silence, ” I think I’d throw up”

    The political establishment across India is lying wounder, bleeding and mangled and Digvijay Singh and Amar Singh throwing up!

    Also since Amar Singh has been in the political wilderness, having parted ways with Mulayam Singh and been ticked off by the Congress, he has nothing to lose by resorting to babble. He thinks, maybe Sonia would reward him for showing his allegience in this hour of crisis for the Congress.

    After all, the Congress has had a long history or rewarding sychophants.

    And Amar Singh is belly crawling…Dede Allah Ke Naam Par Dede !


  • http://hindustantimes.com mc

    paid one !!


    suresh chandra Reply:

    Hi Sujata,
    You should be ashamed of yourself for defending this most corrupt Congress govt. I do not know how much you are paid for this paid article. Anyway, keep licking feet of Digvijays and other Congress leaders….


    Vimal Kumar Reply:

    I dont understand why these congressi journos are raising question about lab being closed on weekend in USA. Had they checked with the concerned lab in USA whether it was closed or not? I work here in IT and I see lots of people working on weekends if there is a need. Secondly, why this journo think that Bhushans need to courier the CD physically. Anything can be uploaded or downloaded over the net, ann this is just a small CD having 2-3 mins of conversation.

    If she would have asked any IT engineer in India, she would have known that in the end it is just 0 and 1 written on the CD and the same content can be sent over the internet without loosing anything.

    Thirdly, atleast they have told the sources of their reports. HT did not even disclose the name of the lab that conducted test for them. Why is HT hiding the lab??? Is it some state secret that they got from lab? NO? then why the hesitation in naming the lab? I think HT never got the CD tested, they just looked at the timestamp of the audio file. Found it as burned in 2006 and voila, there comes the report.

    Dear HT, even if I burn a CD after changing the date of my laptop to 2006, the resulting CD will have 2006 dates and no one can identify whether it was burned in 2006 or April 2011.



  • rajesh

    Any body questioning civil society is a corrupt and on payrolls of congress party…This is the new Fashion statement is “I am Anna”….

    Yes there is corruption in the country and we need to get rid of it. But what is happening right now is disservice to democracy. Same democracy that allows us to use and abuse people.

    I hope day doesn’t come when we will be fighting against the Lokpal the Dictator.


  • http://ht Vaidyanathan

    Sab chor hai!

    Sujata Anandan’s quote should read like this: “What is ok for Peter politicians and others is not ok for Paul, the journalists” in view of the recent scam inovlolving “senior journalists and editors” including Vir Sanghvi, sujata’s former editor.


  • Chennaivaasi

    Sujata Anandan appears to be a paid agent of AmarSingh-DigvijaySingh-KapilSibal combine. Her knowledge is so shallow. She does not know that the contents of a CD can be electronically transmitted to any part of the world within seconds. And if there is someone in the US who is willing to be paid overtime, they would analyse the CD any time of the day or night , weekday or weekend. Now the true colour of the CFSL report has come out. It was a doctored report on a doctored CD. Like Sujata, the CFSL too has been purchased by the Congress Party and the central government. Sujata definitely belongs to the Vir Sanghvi group who was caught in the Niira Radia tape affair. He was not seen or heard or read for some time after the revelation. He is now slowly surfacing, thanks to people like Sujata. Sujata is blind to reality and does not have adequate common sense to guage the goings on in the country and cannot even guestimate to what depth the corrupt Congress party would stoop to. She lacks common sense which even an ordinary Indian living in remote of India has. It is a pity that people like Sujata and Vir Sanghvi on the editorial board of HT. Get rid of them.


    Shekhar Reply:

    Fact -Credibility of government agency(CFSL) = Credibility of government =Credibility of Corrupt media = Big Zero


  • Shekhar

    Sujata, you have no idea what is going on(Example-Rajnath = Rajnarayan, Arun Kejriwal = Arvind kejriwal),Please broadan your knowledge & then write.We people are not fool & we know exactly, what is going on.Corrupt politicians & media people like you are trying hard to derail this process.
    They dont want a strong lokpal,so that the loot can be continued without any fear.


    B.V.SHENOY Reply:


    they only want lootpal.


    Shri Reply:

    I have few points to make. Please bear with me

    1)People who are accusing Bhushans and civil society of hypocrisy and double standards are unintentionally making these whole exercise(of civil society participation) even more relevant to the times we live in. The way i see it if the laws of this land were so tough and our political, executive n judiciary were doing all they should be to upheld the law, we would not have been found in this mess at all.If Bhushans were truely complicit in any wrong doing they would have been behind bars breaking breads with the likes of Raja n Co or atleast defending them with all their might leave alone being one of participants for anti corruption movement.

    2) I do not believe that since Sharad Pawar quit so should Bhushans just because of allegations levelled at them.reasons for them…

    a) Any politician or bureaucrat who by definition wield mega power with leave alone Sharad Pawar (look at the history of allegation against him, i bet a 5th standard kid would have doubt at his honesty) would have huge CONFLICT of interest in the drafting of this bill as if to sign your own death penalty, whereas in case of Bhushans, they cannot do anything in the drafting of this bill however corrupt they may be as it doesn’t deal with any commoner like u or me(don’t know if Sujatha is a commoner though:P)

    b) even if Bhushans were one of the most corrupt lawyers of this country what was going on for this long, where were all these allegations against him whereas allegations against Sharad Pawar has been there for as long as an average Indian has been alive (average age 27-28 years), so prima facie the allegations and their timing virtually endorses the efforts to scuttle the IDEA whose time has come.

    c) Whole India knew(atleast people who matter i.e. “VIP”) that Bhushans were drafting JAN LOKPAL BILL for last six months with Arvind Kejriwal and Santosh hegde, then why didn’t they raise this issue then and there only??

    d) Do people really think that even if Bhushan’s quit and new members come in, the mud slinging and dubious journalism will cease to exist.
    I doubt it and i think so do the majority of frustrated indians just like me who find it increasingly difficult to survive against this entrenched bureaucracy, politics with no real acccountability.


    Vimal Kumar Reply:

    Completely agree. I would have understand if the allegations were leveled before Bhushans were appointed in the panel. I firmly believe that even if GOD was made a member of panel, these politicians would not have cooked some allegations even against Him. I feel that even britishers were far far better than these netas. Atleast they were loyal to British govt and did not looted India for their own.

    Rajeev Reply:

    Which god are you talking about?
    1. Hindu gods – Congress had filed an affidavit denying the existing of RAMA. Congress simply dismisses hindu gods. So hindu gods don’t stand a chance in joint panel because they are too closely associated with Bharat Mata and RSS & may upset secular hardcore muslims like Javed Anand husband of false affidavit manufacturer Teesta Ammijaan.
    2. Muslim god and Chrsitian’s father-son-holy bhoot: These gods are secular and will not be questioned in joint panel so I propose Allah and Jesus to replace Bhushans. Congress will have no problem as these gods are secular and not affiliated to RSS or BJP in anyway.
    3. Sikh/Parsi/Buddhist Gods – What???? Do they have god? Totally irrelevant.

    Shri Reply:

    very well written sarcasm indeed in the times of Pseudo secularism going on with some of the major political parties i.e. CONgress, SP..Actually i think people are increasingly disillusioned with their double standards when it comes to religion and i think people in general admire only politician who truely speak only about inclusive politics, only one example, sadly, i can think is Nitish Kumar.
    We need a PM like Nitish Kumar not a Lame duck Manmohan jee who is totally deluded from reality and putting all his diplomatic resources on Peace with Pakistan..who gives a **** about this country??…if US can’t win over(after giving 20 billions+) this completely medieval and arrogant in approach military ****HEAD from this utterly luckless neighbour, how can Manmohgan singh think otherwise???…

    I think it’s time for him to call it a day.

  • http://CongressManifesto=VinodSharma Gourav

    hahhaa you are a memeber of Rajya Sabha.. No wonder such article…


  • ankit

    It is only in the cesspool of Indian journalism that a person without basic knowledge of technology can be writing columns of newspapers and those with masters and phds in engineering are classified as trolls.

    Two things come out of this blog very clearly. First, that HT is all out sold to the congress party. Vir Sanghvi was found to be one of the congress fixers in the radia tapes, Panka Vohra (former political editor) was so close to the Congress that the Americans were actually looking for insider congress info from him (ref. wikileaks), Vinod Sharma regularly appears as unofficial spokesman of congress on tv channels and has been appropriately awarded with a juicy position on the minority commission and Sujata Anandan has no qualms in showering sainthood to Kripashankar Singh (of Balwa fame) and Ahmed Patel. Apart from being sold out to the congress party, HT journos also share the characteristics of total shamelessness.

    Secondly, we the people are thoroughly enjoying the fratricide of the media community. Radia tapes clearly showed that Vir Sanghvi was taking dictation from radia to write columns and that Barkha Dutt was negotiation cabinet birth for A Raja. The new revelations about the Hindu has not changed those facts, it has only shown that corruption in the media runs deep and runs wide. All of you are in the hunt for the loot. The politician-media-babu nexus is out to loot the country , the only fight between these bandits is on how to divide the booty. Sab chor hain!


  • Bobby

    It is nothing but a sponsored article to protect corrupt politicians . How can one equate two situations, one where corrupt politicians use power and money( and now such an article), to safeguard their interests while bhushans used private lab to stand by truth which would have been suppressed like janta ki awaaz, otherwise.
    Any media or any sensible person, who has been keeping track of what all is Happening, doesn’t require such misguiding inputs from you, dear ma’am!!!




    I am reproducing, as a troll, a post of mine on Vinod Sharma’s blog:

    B.V.SHENOY Reply:

    April 16th, 2011 at 6:26 pm


    I too read your article. I am sorry to say that even your so called expert forensic laboratory report says, after “due diligence” that the talk ‘appears to be continuous’. with the ‘expert technology’ why are they still hesitant to be conclusive?

    Another interesting point is about Amar Singh, who seems to be getting high marks from you for integrity, fairness and for not being an interested player in the “CD business”.

    Why is it that whenever a CD of this nature appears anywhere in India, Amar Singh is a player?

    Even while mixing his mataphors, he involuntarily speaks out his mind. Sample this:

    He uses the idiom, “what is good for peter should be good for Paul”, whereas the correct idiom is what is good for the geese is good for the gander. The other correct idiom is Rob Peter to pay Paul.

    In the back of his mind, he must be thinking of the Rs4crore “g(h)oose”, which will come by robbing some Peter to pay Paul Bhushan.

    All in all, you have done a good job of muddying the already muddy waters.


  • Satish Haldankar

    1) What Mahesh Jethmalani has said and confirmed is nothing new. Double standards and doublespeak is par for the course for the RSS/BJP. The sooner they drop the garb of self-righteousness and put their own house (in disarray since 2004 or earlier) in order and make a course correction, they would do a signal service for Indian democracy, as we need a creditable (and with critical mass) alternative to the Congress. Political commentators have been crying hoarse for years to tell the BJP the same, but apparently no one in the party has ever bothered to listen, if they have they have simply chosen to ignore it. In fact, many spokespersons of the party have often arrogantly told these well-meaning people to mind their own business.

    2) The other sad fact is that the civil society representatives seem to have given out the impression that the Bhushans are indispensable and think that they alone can ensure to clean up the system. The fact that the draft of the Jan Lok Pal Bill is constitutionally and otherwise flawed is besides the point. Surely, there are many other eminent lawyers and constitutional experts (Soli Sorabjee and Harish Salve to name just two) who would be acceptable to the civil society. By persisting with the Bhushans, Anna Hazare’s “advisers” have played themselves into the hands of Government and that is sad.


  • Saarthak

    Sujata Anandan as usual sucking it up for her CONgress masters. If you notice the pattern in her last few blogs you will see the systematic way she has gone about defending the Congress and calling the common people who question her motives “trolls” This contemptuous and corrupt person who works in the noble profession of journalism deserves nothing but contempt from everyone. The hogwash that she writes to manipulate public opinion is of course seen through by most people. She still doesn’t get it


  • http://www.panama-offshore-services.com/ offshore bank accounts

    But Bhushan fought back demanding a public apology from Congress leader Digvijaya Singh and dismissing as malicious a report that he and his son Jayant had got land from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawatis discretionary quota.The former law minister and his family have been in the proverbial eye of the storm since he was appointed to the 10-member committee to draft a more stringent Lokpal ombudsman Bill to fight corruption. On Wednesday Shanti Bhushans other son Jayant also found himself in the headlines.Meanwhile Congress chief Sonia Gandhi said in a letter to Anna Hazare whose five-day fast-unto-death resulted in the joint drafting committee being set up that she doesnt support nor encourage the politics of smear campaign launched against civil rights activists who are part of the joint panel.Hazare had written to Sonia complaining against party general secretary Digvijay Singh without mentioning his name.Laffaire Bhushan also saw expelled Samajwadi Party SP leader Amar Singh as well as Digvijay Singh take on the family.In another development Shanti Bhushan served a legal notice on Digvijay Singh demanding a public apology for alleging that he had undervalued a property in Allahabad and not paid adequate stamp duty on it. But the Congress leader remained unmoved.Reacting to a newspaper report that he and his son Jayant had taken two plots in Noida at below-market rates Shanti Bhushan said To suggest that the allotment has been obtained from any discretionary quota is totally false and misleading.Giving procedural details of the allotment Bhushan said So far possession has not been delivered nor the lease deal executed.


  • http://twitter.com/gskarimulla Karimulla Ghantasala

    very clear and balanced analysis. This is my first coming across this blog and I am sure I will be visiting again and again. Thank you.


  • anil

    Mr. Sanghvi, are you on a character assassination mission on behalf of Congress?


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Harjap-Aujla/598510664 Harjap Aujla

    TV is not tired of the Anna stories, some TV channels like NDTV and Headlines Today are. Let them cover other stories.


  • http://www.facebook.com/indiantopblogs Kaypee Endee

    Fatigue sets in, in traditional as well as social media. We find the same in the case of blogs and other social media.
    But that does not make Anna irrelevant. Anna will reach the stage when you can call it ‘TV / people get bored of Anna series’ if he takes political sides. Somehow, he has been dragged just near the Laxman Rekha. He must stand firm to stay relevant.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anoop-Reddy/622465947 Anoop Reddy

    are you bored of corruption or do u want to stand up to it???


  • Siddharth Kaushal

    This is a much needed course-correction on the part of the media and journalists themselves.

    Anna campaign had been put on steroids by the continuous one-sided coverage by the ravenous media. Im happy to see that some sense has seeped through the TV channels and they realize how corrosive it can be for journalism to become equal to partisan advocacy.

    There are many things about the Anna drama that never came out initially.. like the fact that most of their crowd was assembled RSS workers. In delhi my journalist friends told me that 40 percent of people at Ram Lila maidan after 9 pm were drunk… but thier editors never let them tell the audience that… even some lady journalists were groped.

    Of late one has noticed the “Capture” of the internet news paper comment space by RSS.. they are flooding the comment space on TOI, HT etc with Anti-ruling party, pro-hindutva vitriol.

    I hope the editors take note of that.
    Good work Mr Sanghvi.. Hope it is a mark of things to come. And disregard the RSS workers who comment here as they are pretty much like the paid-stone-pelters of Kashmir…. there is no weight to be given to their views.



  • Anonymous

    Surprisingly, you could not ignore him ! And here you are !!


  • Ram G

    RTI Activist – Mehul Kataria

    Dear Sir , I am writing to you to about RTI activist Mehul Kataria and tons of others like him who are trying to make the change we all keep talking about in today’s society.

    The concern is that there is no whistleblower protection in our country and people like him are attacked and killed every day. Please do something about this, if you raise your voice, people will be willing to listen.

    Is there a way for me to write an open letter to Home minister and relevant authorities on your paper. I will really appreciate any help in this regards to help protect people who want to speak up against wrongs in the society.

    Best Regards
    Ram G



  • Guest

    Good One.


  • Skhan

    Success brings scrutiny. Vir is right to point out the contradictions.
    Predictably, the movement will split. Kiran Bedi will join BJP. P.Bhushan
    will go his own independent way and Anna Hazare will go on hunger strike
    selectively whenever the public opinion seem to favour it.
    However,corruption itself is a big issue. It is too early for Hazare to drift into
    other political issues or get bogged down in the elections. Keep
    laser like focus on corruption. The success is far from assured.
    It is like 5 set tennis match-only one set has been completed. Go on fighting it.


  • Anonymous

    Looks like writing about anything now a days and projecting RSS for whatever they do or don’t do, in negative light has become a de-facto fashion of the left wing English media.

    Let’s go beyond that and analyze this article.

    Yes, the mixed ideologies doesn’t go well for long in the Indian Political arena for that matter, in any alliance. But that didn’t stop Congress from creating the alliance just to keep the “communal” forces out of power, even though it was the most communal Congress Govt. which opened the doors of the disputed site in Ayodhya. They are the one, who have been continuously playing with religious emotions of the minorities, while compromising the majority’s interests little by little.

    So, why Mr. Sanghvi is being sympathetic to the connest party of India? I’m sorry, I meant to write Congress party of India. Is it because he doesn’t want a short term non-congress government in the center? Is it just the congress that has been able to provide the full term govt? Or is he worried that frequent elections would be a strain on the government treasury? Well, if that’s the case, I say bring it on.

    If frequent elections is what it takes to remove the corrupt from the govt., it is still a better deal. All the money spent on elections would still remain in India among the people to keep the economy churning. If the corrupts remain in power for long, they would simply be looting and sending the money overseas to park in some Canary Island or Swiss bank account.

    While we are on the topic of Prashant Bhushan, could someone please post more about his background and the motives of supporting the Kashmir cause apart from being a socialist. Is he a Kashmiri? If he is not then he has no right to talk about plebiscite. It is so unfortunate for our country that one after another, there has been so many Jaichands in the history. Someone should ask him, if he ever been to the Camps of Kashmir Pundits in Jammu, Delhi or elsewhere. While he understood Mirwaiz’s Hurriyat’s point of view, can he also claim to understand the conditions of Kashmiri Pundits living in their own country as refugees.

    Shame on Mr. Bhushan, if he hasn’t done so.
    Shame on India’s collective News Media who hasn’t done its duty to bring the plight of certain section of India’s citizens and keeping it to the fore.
    Shame on us, for forgetting the plight of fellow citizens who were kicked out of their homes and the land of their ancestors overnight.


  • Anonymous

    Anna’s team has different people with different Idea-
    1. Anna – a self-confessed Gandhian believes in Congressism.
    2. Prashant Bhushan – NGO wallah committed to supporting Maoists and all the separatist movements.
    3. Arvind Kejriwal: – Jholachhap NGO wallah
    4. Swami Agnivesh – Congress Spy in Anna’s team
    5. Kiran Bedi – Motor mouth
    6. Hegde – Speaks his own mind often aligning with Congress

    However all of them are committed to bring Jan Lokpal and all of them except congress stooge Agnivesh have been harrassed by Congress…All of them are allergic to any association with RSS but have no problem with associating with equally communal but totall anti-national congress.

    This team needs to re-calibrate itself otherwise Congress sponsored media will tear them to shreds….They should not forget that Congress will use 2G loot to decimate them with media playing a coy wife doing everything to please Congress.


  • Anonymous

    What about Radia tapes? Don’t try to preach morality, we know who you, barkhadutt and rajdeep sardesai are.


  • Anonymous

    Vir is right. hazare has turned out to be a total hypocrite. He attacks RSS whose Mohan Bhagwat openly said that RSS supported his campaign. He praises prashant bhushan who speaks of dividing India. He doesnt say anything about BJP govts (karnataka, MP or Gujrat) which are openly corrupt. He campaigns in Hisar (where congress anyway was going to loose) to claim the credit, but in Pune he keeps his mouth shut as He knows no Anna giri will work there. 2 of his members are retired govt servants holding deep grouse against congress for personal reasons. Shanti Bhushan fought the case of Dawood Ibrahim in 1993. What kind of insane campaign is this– all the morally corrupt people (except Anna whom i give benefit of doubt) are there, serving their own political agendas. Good article by Vir. Thank you.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Your name is enough to gauge your bias.


  • http://www.epaper365.com Anuska

    Congress government sucks, why they are targeting Mr Anna , rather than correcting them self…


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ra-Jkumar-Jha/100001564213666 Ra Jkumar Jha

    The only lesson we learn from history is that we learn no lesson. Vir is no exception to this. He is too intelligent not to know that the credibility of media is at its lowest ebb and it goes without saying that this is due to the biased and subjective reporting of news and one sided commentaries. Anna Hazare’s movement for janlokpal was the expression of disgust at rampant corruption and assertion of pro active citizens’ right to set things right. Vir must be knowing that movements neither have ideological cohesion nor do they need to have one. However, the entry of Team Anna in electoral foray in Hissar ( in terms of appeal against Congress ) was not a wise decision .If good writers like Vir try to put an end to confrontationist politics in the country and work for the emergence of consensual politics through their writings, they would be doing immense service to the country and the community.


  • kumar

    cant believe this power broker in the name of Journalist still writes about issues…


  • Gianinders

    Vir, you are still around? I thought you would have taken up another respectable profession by now but apparently not. Since you are still writing how about a lengthy article on UPA failures, the disbalance of power and governence experiment Between Sonia and MMS gone wrong? Come on Vir, write a bit about UPA and Congress like a true journalist and you may win some credibility (self respect????) back. I understand that HT may not allow them to be printed but give it a shot man….you are VEER…Right Vir?

    How was the trip to south Asia…It was told you went there to take a sabattical….how did that turn out? Had a peep inside you? what did you see when you looked inside you? found anything? let’s talk about those things in your blog…readership will go up.


  • Mohammed

    I simply love your analysis and writing. You could have put few lines about Swami and Hegde also. Swami has different idealogy and has secret relation with some cong ministers. Hegde is more than lokpal bill; his views are sober and reasonable, not emotional or not naked anti-congress. He is more wise in the whole team.


  • Anonymous

    You are absolutely right that the Sena activists should not have resorted to the violence. I think by doing that they have given an opportunity to whole lot of people to point fingers at Anna and his team.

    Is it good or not good? I don’t know. But definitely, or may be hopefully, it would help the Indian Voters to ask more questions about the agenda of leaders who just make promises, in turn delivering nothing.

    From a common man’s perspective, do these 3 sena activists, and for that matter, do you and I have any voice left in the system that can ask the folks like Arundhati Roy and Prashant Bhushan to stop and consider the sensitivity associated with certain topics? Or at least take a balanced approach while making an effort towards the other section of people who have been, if not more, equally traumatized. Just because this section is associated with the majority, does this mean that these socialists would walk all over them?

    Do you have that voice to stop the corrupt political organizations from wagging their tongues, which are loser than the dog’s tail?

    Is there an NGO funding you or standing behind to support you?

    Is there a mainstream media that is sponsoring you to write against such political organizations, who in the name of socialism are hell bent on dividing my Dharma Bhoomi?

    Because when I look around as a common man, I do not see such support. What should a common man supposed to do in such a system? In 80% cases, they resort to violence, some times towards themselves and most of the time at others responsible for making such statements. I am still not saying that it is right but when frustrations set in, no one can claim to be showing sane behavior.

    Every one wants to have the right to a free voice in a democracy. Sure, go ahead, but then the folks like Arundhati Roy, Medha patkar, Prashant Bhushan should first declare what kind of funds they are receiving and from what NGO. NGOs should in turn declare their ideology and philosophy alon with the funding they are receiving and from where, and should also declare whom are they funding so that the common people like you and I know what are we dealing with here. So that, we know which side they are on before they exercise their right to free voice.

    Until then, spare me their BS.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_REXIP2I2IBCPZ5WB2H6WZXBK3I R.S Harits

    Vir Sanghvi ji is living in some other time. History will repeat it self but totally different types of outcome. Congress by any standards is not a homogeneous party and has in its band wagon, extremists of the right wing Muslim league, naxalites and rich and famous socialists! no movement can succeed with the solid backing of a cadre based all India party. JP movement was a success only because of Parivar support who filled jails in thousands and brought some know how and discipline. Now the BJP is not the Jansangh of the seventies. Now they have eight states and many competant CMs with outstanding track records. Anna knows this. Prashant Bhushan is in the wrong place with wrong people. He belongs to Arundhati comrade group.As the congress does not have any CMs of stature, no mass leaders and the not so charming prince not yet ready, the only option for the nation with 50% population under 30 years is NDA with leaders who are non corrupt and dedicated to nation.The way Anna distanced him self with Bhushan is the solid proof that he is scared of these marxist,anti hindu pro islam socialists.


  • http://captainjohann.myopenid.com/ captainjohann

    Vir, You have not made the most telling contradiction in the team. Their connections not only to political parties but also to some of the foreign Governments.Both the left and BJP joined against Indira gandhi because at that time she represented the Indian nationalism while these forces were supported by western interests. The most significant cause now is Nuclear detterence of India. It is here Left joins Jayalalitha in Koodankulam and indirectly joins leaders in Congress who are beholden to World Bank to cap and roll back Indian Independence.


  • Ghulam Muhammed

    Anna’s single-most objective is to fight corruption in goverment. Since corruption affects all political, ideological, ethnic, regional entities, their division should not count in Anna’s movement. All should be welcome as all and every one of us has stake in our nation’s clean governance,whoever they may be. We should unite on one cause, which should not tainted, compromised, derailed or sabotaged at the alter of our ideological differences.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dolly-Passey/100002841535327 Dolly Passey

    contradictions started long back. when swami agnivaish tried to reform the hindu society by arguing against worship of shiva lingam. the way he was beaten up in gujrat with tacit support of other members of team anna proves that (1) team anna is as retrograde in thier ideology as sangh parivar (2) they will not going to accept any reformation of hindu religion (3) whosoever will oppose this Manuvadi brahmanist dictatorship of team anna will be crushed. lately another member of team anna Mr Hegde has criticized Kejriwal for calling team anna superior to Parliament. the issue of radia tapes is extremely relevent. media is totally biased in favour of team anna. Udit Raj and several ambedkarites along with shahi Imam of Jama Masjid collected a big crowd against team anna when anna was fasting at ram lila maidan. i personally witness to the fact along with Journalist of URDU press and Hardnews Correspondent that this gathering of udit raj was atleast 5 times larger then team anna’s corwd. yet no paper no channel covered it. since the days of Riv veda and Bhagwat geeta we arer witnessing this cruelty of manuvadies against the original inhabitants of India. the entire movement is about crushing indian democracy and establishing manuvadi dictatorship. atleast gandhi tried to reform hindu society although only in a symbolic manner. but team anna has closed all doors of reasoning and adopted a totally Talibani mindset.


  • Anonymous

    DO you have a Prashant Bhushan type of guy in PoK and CoK?

    Kashmir belongs to hindus not you converts.


  • Anonymous

    And Congress? Vir and chamchas like you.


  • Anonymous

    Bongs are known to convert…Coward genes..


  • Abu Ahmed

    That’s a very good question. However, for Muslim men and women, there’s a dress code prescribed: men should at least cover their lower abdomen till the knees, while women should cover their whole figure in modesty – no, not in a burkha, but any garment would suffice. If a Muslim man roams the street in his briefs or a Muslim woman in a bikini, that’s their choice of course, but they are violating the dress code, which is not acceptable in a religious society. This whole idea of following the diktat of the Holy Book applies only to those people and societies that are religious – and to those who are not religious, the whole discussion is meaningless. And we all have the right to make our choice – whether to be a theist, polytheist or an atheist.


  • Anonymous

    @abu ahmed and zia. The problem is islamic societies DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE , it is SUBMISSION to an obscurantist , archaic , anti rationality DOGMA.
    and here lies the answer , THIS HYPOCRISY , in islamic societies , this self righteousness , YET TAKE OIL OUT AND ISLAMIC SOCIETIES HAVE ZERO CONTRIBUTION TO SCIENTIFIC MODERN ERA


    engrich Reply:


    so all other societies.but islamic thought and philoshophy is base of rennainace and base of present european civilization.our contribution was not to our propotion ,but it was not zero.only ashknaazi jews are contibuting maximum.percentage of hindus and christians is also same as muslim if not better.
    but jewish science has given more pain than happiness to humanity.as their aim is to control not to serve.there weapons are killing million all over the world..


  • RajX

    They probably will if given the freedom to do. There is probably a Zia in each of these families rejoicing in medieval practices and controlling their woman using religion.


  • engrich

    Chemical and biological effects used by NATO, USA, France, Israel and British Airforce have started to appear on the birth of new children in Libyan hospitals, babies been born with many legs, hands and very unrecognizable as little human beings. Birth defects that took place in Fallujah Iraq, are now common place in Libya.


  • http://www.facebook.com/satish.k.chadha Satish Kumar Chadha


    I wonder why nobody is talking about headgear for man in Islam. Why banning of such attire is always linked and discussed in case of fair sex?

    Wearing headgear, whether it is Ghutrah, Araquiyeh, tarbush, Fez, turban, Kufia, Iqal, Skullcap, to my understanding is apart from Sunnah, is also part of Islamic culture. Is it not?

    I am not a Muslim but have read somewhere as follows:

    “In Tafseer Ma-aariful Qur’aan, Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi (Rahmatullahi Alay), explains in the exposition of verse 31 of Surah A’raaf in the Most Holy and Glorious Qur’an:
    “O the Sons of Adam! Adopt your beauty at the time of every Salaat.”

    From this ayat it is obvious that just as the compulsion of concealing the satr is based on the command in this verse, so too is the significance and merit of donning good and clean garments according to one¹s means and ability.

    It is Makrooh for a person to perform Salaat bare-headed, bare shoulders and exposed elbows. Islamic headgear is an integral part of the Sunnah, so much so that to abandon this Sunnah is a sign of Imaani disaster. Therefore, Muslim headgear is considered as particular aspect of Islamic dressing. The entire hue and cry is to apply this aspect is only in respect of ladies and specifically for small girls who have not yet obtained puberty …? It is to scratch their mind with lifelong feeling of Sunnah. Even the most revolutionary lady will adopt it when in her own society. This is basically a ritual to tame the society towards a particular direction and has nothing to do with one’s connect with his or her own God.

    I am not sure but will anybody enlighten us as to why the issue is only in respect of ladies when Sunnah is applicable to both?


  • Louise Lewis

    Amazing to see the different views of people in different parts of the world. People don’t mind paying the tyre prices of run flats for the sake of their own safety.


  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for providing me information about tyres.


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    Ok for Peter but not for Paul! : Singly Political…