Mind your business Mr Malik

A standing joke in Pakistan’s media circles on Rehman Malik is that the only time the Interior Minister isn’t telling lies or making a fool of himself, is when he isn’t talking.

So rather than advising India to protect Shahrukh Khan, he better focus on making Pakistan a safer place to live. In tearing out of context an article the Bollywood star wrote in an Indian weekly, Malik replicated the Lashkar-e-Toiba’s Hafiz Saeed, whom his police should have booked a long while ago for his role in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

To show India as a country that isn’t safe for its minorities, Sayeed had offered Pakistani citizenship to Shahrukh. The irony of it all wasn’t lost on that country’s perennially suppressed and terrorized minorities, including the Amhedias, Hindus and Christians. Several Hindu families from Sindh and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (PK) have fled their homes and hearths in recent months for safer destinations in India and elsewhere.

Minorities in Pakistan are frequently robbed of their properties and businesses. There are widely reported incidents of forcible conversion of their children to Islam.

In fact, one such conversion of a Hindu boy named Sunil was telecast live last year in a prime time ramazan show hosted by a lady anchor notorious for selecting outlandish themes—including chasing with her camera teams, young couples seeking privacy in public parks.

The much respected Dawn newspaper wrote in response to her audience-based TV show: “The joy with which the conversion was greeted, the congratulations that followed, sent a clear signal that other religions don’t enjoy the same status in Pakistan as Islam does. It served to marginalize further the minorities who in many ways are treated as second-class citizens in Pakistan.”

That should be enough to shut up Malik.

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