It’s time India took steps to contain China

India has not learnt any lessons from the 1962 war with China.

Most wars are won or lost for military reasons. But few leave a strategic and political legacy as divisive and debated as the Indo-Chinese war of 1962.

Fifty years after the ill-fated conflict, there is still debate on whether it was really a “war” or a “border conflict”. Then, Marxists, in private conversations at least, are still unwilling to admit that China was the aggressor. To them, India remains the villain of the piece. There is also a school of thought that maintains that the humiliation of 1962 could have been turned into glory if only India had used its (then) superior air force.

But all these arguments, debates and discussions are in the realm of semantics.

The fact is that the conflict has left a scar on the collective consciousness of the nation that half a century has not been able to erase.

What was the strategic outcome of the war?

• Globally, chairman Mao decisively scuttled Jawaharlal Nehru’s ambitions of emerging as the voice of the Third World;

• In this continent, China told the (still under-developed) south east Asian countries that India didn’t have the wherewithal to become their leader on the world stage; and

• Within China, it cemented Mao’s political position, under serious threat following a disastrous socialist experiment called “Great Leap Forward” that resulted in the deaths of millions of Chinese people, as the Supreme Leader.

Fifty years later, India is still paying the price of that defeat.

The situation, though, is vastly different now.

China is on the verge of emerging as a “great power”.

India, on the other hand, is in danger of being ousted from the club of “emerging economies”, collectively called BRIC, that was supposed to succeed Europe, the US and Japan as the nations of the future.

Today, we still don’t have a strategic doctrine to emerge as a great power.

We’re still unsure about how to deal with China (and Pakistan).

And we’re completely undecided on how to engage powers like the US and Japan that can help us checkmate the dragon at our doorstep.

It has become fashionable in some circles within India’s power elite to ridicule India’s great power aspirations vis-à-vis China. They point to the growing disparities in a variety of economic, social and military indicators to propagate the theory that this is a lost race; the sooner India accepts the fact the better.

“China doesn’t care about India,” they say.

“China doesn’t remember the 1962 war,” they add.

“India is not even a part of China’s collective consciousness.”


China is following Sun Tzu’s prescription that positioning and deception are all-important in any conflict. Today, India has to contend with China in its backyard – Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Of these, Nepal and Sri Lanka lie within India’s strategic sphere. Yet, we see China looming large in these countries. It’s part of its so-called “string of pearls” strategy to hem India in and keep it rooted to its region.

Every (feeble and politically tentative) Indian effort to break out of its South Asian straitjacket is beaten back with threats, ridicule and rhetoric.

Result: we don’t have a presence in China’s backyard.

There’s no dearth of people telling us that this is just as well.
“China’s gone too far ahead,” we’re told. Trying to compete, these voices add, is fraught with danger.

Left unsaid is the threat – and a fear – of a 1962 redux.

Medieval Europe offers a good template to compare our current situation with. At different times, Spain, Portugal, Prussia, France and England threatened to emerge as the pre-eminent power in Europe.

Each time, other countries ganged up against the pre-eminent power of the day to prevent a pan-European hegemony.

That is what India must do now to prevent Beijing from emerging as the effective “capital” of Asia. Japan Inc., which played a massive role in China’s industrial revolution, is now looking for other safe investment destinations following the spat between China and Japan over Spratly Islands.

New Delhi should immediately form a high power group to woo Japanese investors to make India their home. A beginning has been made with the rail freight corridor project that can, potentially, channel billions of dollars of Japanese investments India’s way. Decisive follow-up action is necessary.

Then, Asia’s “arc of democracy”, from Japan to India, should logically be India’s sphere of influence. But the Indian government’s pusillanimity and indecisiveness have made countries in this arc wary of cozying up to New Delhi.

And finally, of course, there’s the US factor. India and the US have no strategic, territorial or military disputes. Both countries share common values and goals – like liberal democratic values. Yet, there’s hesitation in New Delhi on taking ties to their logical conclusion.

It’s time India decided, like China seems to have, to expand its areas of influence.

But is the government up to it?

On the 50th anniversary of India’s most traumatic military defeat and international humiliation, it is worth pondering over these issues.

  • Nri3000

    SHameless rascist british will never change!


  • Abu Ahmed

    Britain’s involvement in the “so-called ‘war on terror’” is “genocide” and a cover for military expansionism to take over the resources of Middle Eastern nations, a leading British anti-war campaign group says.

    “The so-called “war on terror” is a cover for our military aggression to gain control of the resources of western Asia,” the Stop the War Coalition said.

    “This is sending the poor of this country to kill the poor of those Muslim countries. This is trading blood for oil. This is genocide, and to most of the world, we are the terrorists,” it added.

    The campaign group, which is credited with organizing the largest ever anti-war demonstration in British history against the invasion of Iraq, said on the occasion of Remembrance Day — observed in Commonwealth countries to remember the members of their armed forces killed on duty — that Britain has been complicit in subjugating of nations “from Palestine to Afghanistan to Iraq to Somalia.”

    It added London has been complicit in “supreme crimes against humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan” yet it dares to call locals, terrorists and insurgents, “for resisting rape and pillage.”

    The campaign group also slammed the “bloodthirsty imperial crusade” of Britain alongside the US, saying western soldiers in the occupied nations no more fight to defend “our freedoms” they are rather laying the foundation for a permanent military presence to ensure the “the freedoms of Exxon Mobil and British Petroleum.”

    “They’re not establishing democracy, they’re establishing the basis for an economic occupation to continue after the military occupation has ended,” it added.

    The campaign group then referred to the hypocritical government of the United States, which has been leading Britain in more than a decade of bloody wars in the Middle East, under the guise of fighting terror, saying Washington officials are the real terrorists.

    “We must dare to speak out … against all enemies, foreign and domestic, including those terrorist cells in Washington DC more commonly known as the Legislative, Executive & Judicial branches,” it said.



  • Brian

    Indians have forgotten even the heroes of the Kargil war. What hope do WWII veterans have?


  • shailesh shah

    The politicians in India wear “bangles” when it comes to realistic decisions. Instead of making defence(s) a priority, they talk big and deliver little. The publicly run institutions such as HAL, Mazgaon and other docks, Avadi (tanks) are always BEHIND schedule. Very rarely we hear something positive, and ahead of schedule (Brahmos and other missiles).
    The public secter employees are held unaccountable, and after billions of Rs spent over 60 years, we have very little to show for. The political will to have strict time table, high level of structure, and discipline is not there. One simple reason for this is under educated individuals with no knowledge of technology are running the department. Our much touted engineering institutions have not involved in R and D at all. If we give grants to the bright and young, and encourage military based “academics” within 3 to 5 years a dramatic change can come to gather. In USA MIT, CAL tech, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell and many others are involved in military technology development. Some of the most amazing new technologies comes from these institutions. Recent example of palm sized Quadrocopters by U.Penn professor (Vijay kumar) is a glaring example.
    This change will only come after the very old, all talk, and no action leaders are not reelected. The single most goal that should be in place is what an Israeli soldier or leader has,” when it comes to defence of Israel”. This goal can be summarized in simple terms,” under all circumstances, Israel needs to be protected”. Buy, borrow or steal, supremacy of Israel is always first. The public secter employees remain unaccountable, because they can not be fired! If the CEO’s are fired for noncompetance and fake promises, I am certain others will start shaping up.
    Let us also involve some of the better managed private secter leadership in competition, and let the fun begin!


  • Ashok

    There is no justification for inordinately delayed deliveries and humongous cost escalations. In principle there should be no hesitation in encouraging private shipyards to share the burden ( pie ? ). As far as competing with China is concerned, we should be realistic in dealing with a nation whose economy is three times larger.


  • Singh – Frustrated Indian

    Does anyone from the government ever read posts like this or are they busy trying to be re-elected and looting the country? Indian citizens are not blameless either because they keep on re-electing such crooks. Indians must somehow get educated about Realpolitik and Nationalism and act – otherwise it will be more of the same – subjugation, “colonization” and always being the follower with low self-esteem and low self-confidence! Indian mentality must change from “Self Serve” to “Nation Serve”. Otherwise our next “colonial ruler” will be china. Wake up before it is too late!!


  • Niladrinath Mohanty

    The article says that Dalits are more sensitive now than before. I am not sure the writer includes backward and other backward castes among Dalits. Two days ago while taking my morning walk I asked randomly five different persons (common man-amm admi)-out of them one was upper caste, three backward caste and one adivasi(ST) whether they are aware of the commotion in the Parliament about a cartoon which supposed to have hurt the Dalits. All of them said they do not know. Our Hon.MPs once they are in Delhi have no touch with the aam admi who cause they champion. All they are doing is nasty vote bank politics and dividing the society instead of integrating. I had taken a much larger sample about the rail fare increase which revealed that the common man hardly travels by rail and Mamata Banerjee was protecting their interest! Absolutely hollow.


  • Rajat Gaur

    Should you really study from NCERT Textbooks…..are they really the best ones… on to find out…


  • Darshana Thakur

    Sorry, I don’t agree at all. You have missed the point altogether. Try to understand it from the alternative perspective, of a Dalit or a non-upper class urbanite. I read this article and felt it resonates


  • Kris

    Excellent points are made ! Well thoght through.


  • Anonymous

    I wish this is just someone’s blog instead a reporter’s article, because it doesn’t sound very wise. There are bigger countries who try to contain China, so I guess India does not have to sweat about this idea. Why don’t Indian people focus on their own development instead of focusing on being the big leader, a mentality got them into the 1962 war? I guess that’s the biggest lesson India should learn from the war.


    anil Reply:

    India cannot even contain its corrupt politicians (rather it is contained by the corrupts) and it now wants to c o n t a i n China! This guy must be drunk when wrote this or watching too much Bollywood movies for inspiration in life!

    I am 1000% sure China would not even bother to respond to this considering children are supposed to behave in childish manner!

    This is more of a story to go into Children book rather than appear as an article in any respectable journal!


    Anonymous Reply:

    And China has no corrupt leaders right ?

    How much does trolling for the Chinese communist party pay ?? It must pay so well if you can orally defecate so frequently without even countering a single argument with logic or facts.


    dasg Reply:

    Mao’s son, daughter and grandson are not running communist party. Despite one party state, there is more democracy and severe punishment for corruption than India.

    Anonymous Reply:

    LOL nice try but unfortunately for you, we in India operate on facts.

    The difference is NOBODY voted for Mao in the first place, while Nehru was voted in 5 times!! And how can there be “democracy” in a one-party state when the “demo” can’t vote ? Even Hong Kong is a sham of a democracy compared to any city in India.

    Unlike China, Indians don’t need “patriotic education”
    camps to teach us how the “ruling party” is so great. If “severe” punishments for corruption is so effective how come Chinese government officers are hiding in US embassy afraid for their lives ??

    Sorry, but your arguments are nonsense.

    Anonymous Reply:

    The reason Mao’s son/daughter/grandson are not running the communist party is because unlike Nehru, Mao spent most of this time with prostitutes than with his wife.

    Anil Reply:

    Yes, they have corruption problem too but they do address that quickly and swiftly. There is no society or country in the world which does not have corruption but all that matters is how one addresses it. In India’s case corruption controls the leaders where it should have been the case other way around!

    (And yes they have other problems too but being wise and sensible they are slowly moving toward freeworld – just in case you want to ask that questions again).

    Anonymous Reply:

    If “justice” is simply catching one corrupt official and executing him publicly like some Medieval jungle, then sure they are “dealing” with corruption.

    But like a free and civilized society that through the popular will of the people chooses to address corruption like the Anna Hazare movement is something China has “replicated” or implemented then they have been keeping it a very good secret!

    kavi Reply:

    No need to hide for Indians anywhere as there is no one who would question them? India is a banana republic you can get away with just anything! Do not try to be righteous, India is a hell hole, do not live in a denial, nothing can be done about it, no matter how the Indian literate dummies think.

    Anonymous Reply:

    Yes for the mentally challenged Communist fruitcake – India is the banana republic while the worlds largest open air prison where people are burning themselves alive because they can’t live in that hell hole is “paradise”. Tell me, do you get paid to knuckle pound such rubbish or are you just so far removed from reality that you would do this for free ?
    The only denial here is by trolls like you who are trying desperately to prove that China is “democratic” and “free” ! IF it wasn’t so ridiculous I would pity you!

    anil Reply:

    In a ideal world what you say is right, provided, yes provided there is a link between what is written in the book or even in constitution and what is followed. But given the status India is in where aspirations and legitimate rights of people are thwarted (not much better than in communists countries) by the mafia disguising as upholders of democracy, anything must be better than this and people deserve some change. Imagine a burden one is creating on humanity with 1 billion people who are automatically going to be a drag unless the course of direction is changed and they start breathing fresh air letting others do the same. I mean if it continues like this no one but anti-socials and terrorists will reap the most of the benefits of chaos simply because terrorists will be more determined then those who are opposing them and they will bought out in the race (it is probably already happening in India directly or indirectly).

    Anonymous Reply:

    Clearly, your knowledge of China is severely limited if you are going to make such ignorant statements.

    India may not be perfect but compared to a nation like China, even an Indian Dalit beggar enjoys 1000 times more rights and dignity in the eyes of the Indian government than even the richest Chinese businessman does in the eyes of China’s government.

    Not even the poorest Indian would ever agree to live in a repressive society like China no matter how much money you pay them – this is why even today Tibetans are escaping to India. And not just Tibetans, followers of Falun Dafa, artists like Ai Weiwei, even a blind man like Chen Guangcheng have tried to escape China and openly criticize their government’s repressive polices that see their people as slaves to exploit for the pride of the Communist party. At least in India, people have legitimate rights that are guaranteed by the constitution, upheld by the courts and bound to the government – in china no such things exist. The government in China can pass any law, seize anybody’s home, force people to live anywhere it wishes and arrest/detain anybody for any length of time without charge!

    To compare the two systems is simply ignorant of all the facts. India may not be perfect and may not be orderly but it is free and it is far more respectful of its citizens than the PRC ever has been!

    The best thing about India is that if you feel that something is wrong, you have the power to change it instead of simply complaining on a forum. You can campaign for change, you can stand for elections and you can enact policies that you believe are right within the bounds of the law. In China, anybody who questions the legitimacy of the Communist party is thrown in jail never to be heard from again.

    vasant Reply:


    But why the progress in general is so slow?

    Why after 65 years of independence we have to give preferential treatment to some in education , govt. jobs etc?

    Why development schemes are dragging for years?

    Why the treatment is different for different religion/s in case of personal law?

    Liam C. Andrews Reply:

    My dear deluded neighbour,

    It’s easy to speak of rights and the rule of law on a full stomach, isn’t it? Your claim that an Indian Dalit enjoys a dignified existence with a thousand more rights in the eyes of the Indian Government than a successful Chinese businessman does in the eyes of the Chinese Government, says much about the blinkers you have on. There are no Dalits, Brahmins, or Kshatriyas, etc. in Chinese SOCIETY. More than half of India’s population are defined as living under the poverty level as defined by India’s own government. At the same time, India purchases in ever increasing amounts, weapons and equipment for her armed forces. Where is the dignity in that? When you even have the concept of such a class of fellow human beings as Dalit, where is your oft claimed liberty and justice? It exists in the overwhelmed courts that serve those who have access to it. If you desire change for Bharat, a dose of humility and and acceptance of Her current state of affairs should be your first step, i.e., an acknowledgement of the growing economic and social disparities between Indian and Chinese societies.

    Chinese society is rife with problems too. Rife. But honestly accepting their shortcomings is definitely one of their pluses.

    I am Australian by the way.

    serenity Reply:

    omg..dont compare india to china at least…i cant believe it india being a democratic have left with nothing like democracy..n bro if u believe in facts and figures u can check it out the dam-breaking figures of molestation, rapes,abductions,riots n CORRUPTION…our country is on the peak of declining…china is one of the advanced n developed nations full of justice,law n strength..they dont decieve their citizens by doing scams,disorder in law,,,n a long list….how many scams u heard of them…they dot afraid of the corrupt arsed nations like india…globally indians are disliked nowadays just cus of the illiterates,greedy n brainless politicians mass…

    Anonymous Reply:

    Have you checked out the figures for crimes in China bro?? Just because you see big buildings and highways doesn’t make a nation a “developed” nation when people still can’t own land or move freely insider their own country!
    LoL full of justice and law ? You mean like how Bo Xilai was so “law abiding” ? Or how Ai Weiwei is treated so “justly” ??
    Just because you are ignorant of the “scams” of China doesn’t mean everybody else is – please do some research on Chine before blindly accepting Chinese communist propaganda.

    First make Facebook and Twitter available legally in China, then tell me how “developed”, “just” and “law abiding” China is!

    Anonymous Reply:

    Save the wisdom from China is for the Chinese!

    Dealing with China is an important part of development in India because Chinese are part of the problem as far as Indians are concerned. China’s aid and meddling in Pakistan and Kashmir, its loitering in the Indian ocean and its attempts to set up ports around India are antagonistic. For India to progress, it needs to deal effectively with China’s antagonism. And this reporter correctly states how the Indian government is being meek to China’s tantrums instead of forging ahead irrespective of China’s concerns and building alliances with SE Asian nations, missile technology or indeed dealing with Pakistan, separatists in the North Eastern hill tribes, the Tibetan issue, etc.


  • Anonymous

    I wish this is just someone’s blog instead a reporter’s article, because it doesn’t sound very wise. There are bigger countries who try to contain China, so I guess India does not have to sweat about this idea. Why don’t Indian people focus on their own development instead of focusing on being the big leader, a mentality got them into the 1962 war? I guess that’s the biggest lesson India should learn from the war.


  • anil

    [It’s time India took steps to contain China]

    Isn’t this toooooooo big a talk to fit into a toooooooooooooo small mouth?

    Try to be realistic just f a r t i n g will not give one enough power to rise into the air, man! Sorry I could not find anything else to compare with.


    sanjeeb Reply:

    what do u mean….ur comment is vague ……pl be clear to start a discussion……


  • H.Mani

    India is ditering soft power.It is waiting in the hope nothing bad is going to happen soon,so there is no urgency.It also does not want to provoke China by overt way of kozing upto USA,& thinks if China attacks,USA in its own interest will come to India’s rescue,there is validity to that thinking,but that is not policy,it is hope,& country should not base their national security in wishful hope.There is another factor,India’s internal problems are becoming more & more accute,like population,decaying infra-structure,detoriation in law& order,instability of center,Congress has lost the its hold in up,bihar,mp,and now in Andhra.Corruption,power shortage,water scarcity,& now economy.All in all,pretty dark scenario of bad option.Inflation,poverty,crumbling state of affairs in north,Delhi area law & order is alarming,in fact it is unsafe for females after 8pm.It is scary.The leadership vacuum is frightening.The opposition is still worse,so the the cynical politicians are no hope for a respite. ,India’s cup of misery now over flowing.


  • Krishna

    This writer is correct. One fine morning, we will end up having chunks of Arunachal under chinese. The present govt is stupid and is simply not up to the task. Indian should make a strong link with the US, in the similar fashion as UK. There is real appreciation for India in the US, both the political class and the people. India has been squandering this intent and goodwill.


  • sanjeeb

    It is only my view….one day we will be over run be china…..our leaders will flee and poor country men/women will be left….may sound ridiculous but it is true….we are surrounded by pakis and Chinese…..our strategists r not up to the mark thinker and our ladders are busy making money…..GOD SAVE US….


  • PatriotIndian

    The only solution in India is education. If everyone is educated properly and armed with technical usable skills that would solve half the misery in the globe.


  • junior consultant Daxue

    Thanks for this both informative and insightful article. This is a report I posted recently about the influences, characteristics, and negative effects of FDI in China from foreign countries. you can find it, Hope to exchange ideas.


  • ved

    It was Nehru’s timidity and stupidity that we lost 1962 border skirmish.China was allowed to dictate the battle as well as the ceasefire. It was allowed to withdraw with a medal just as indian army was preparing to meet and challenge the invader.Why did we accept the ceasefire.? We should have continued the conflict. China had no stomach to continue for long. Nehru also had another hunchback-Krishna Menon who coild not distinguish between a revolver and a pistol. With these two jokers at the helm great Indian army had to bite dust. Shame.


  • AjaySingh

    India need to show the world, how to become part of the emerging world. China is not a treat that we need to contain. China is fighting for her own survival. With every day passing by, China feels trapped and isolated. There is no need to isolate any nation. Competition is always good. Sit like civilized people and divide what products they can have the market for. And what they can provide market as far as Indian products are concerned. In the end, if the business relations are strong enough, there will be no need for containment policy.
    India can never contain any nation other than Andaman Nicobar !
    Don’t even try to think you are pleasing any other nation by writing such articles. No body is stupid these days. Spread fragrance by rich Indian values, that will work in the end as containment.


    serenity Reply:

    u r right bro!!! ol nations r familiar to the internal structure of india…weak structure of india n i dont know about the containment by china but our nation is definitely going to collapse due to the internal demonic faces of politicians…i hate this phase that indiia is going thru…none is loyal,joblessness,extreme loads of rapes, abducions,extortions n dumb dead eyed police with having control of their balls to their ministers…really F*** them off……


  • Col. P.S. Sandhu

    All experts who are credible are of the opinion that 2012 is not 1962. India clearly has an edge over China militarily.


  • Anonymous

    Superb and
    timely article.

    China’s support
    to Pakistan and Sri Lanka does not serve any of China’s interests — except that
    of encircling India and ‘putting India in her place’. Myanmar learnt China’s
    intentions in time and is coming closer to the US. China’s chauvinism is challenged by Japan,
    Vietnam, Philippines and South Korea. An alarmed Australia has recalibrated her
    military ties with the US publicly — to
    warn China. Even Vietnam is warming up to the United States. It is time India
    joins the littoral States of China and the US in a ‘formal’ alliance. It is
    better to be proactive than react after the event.

    Indian lobbyists of today do not even have the ‘cover’ of ‘ideology’, their
    compatriots had in 1962! It is business now!


  • Anonymous

    It is always fashionable to blame Nehru for the defeat in 1962.Our Army was not well trained at all and even today it is becoming something like the US army who inspite of complete air superiority cannot tame Taliabn in Afghanistan. The Chinese soldiers do not use Bhukharies like us in cold regions.They donot expect air support because they plan for war in peace time and build continuously and train continuously .Their communication trenches can accomodate a jeep and their OPs can take a direct hit of a maortar shell while ours is built on sand bags.Our NAVY’S MARCOS COMMANDOES COULD NOT SUBDUE just 4 terrorists in 60 hours at Taj and have to call in NSG commandoes. Today what we should we discuss is how to improve the stamina and training of our troops so that they feel self confident about themselves.There were nearly 70 constables with 303 rifles in CST but could not fire single bullet at Kasab and his buddy. Why? We must think.


    Adrian Wainer Reply:

    ” It is always fashionable to blame Nehru for the defeat in 1962.Our Army was not well trained at all and even today it is becoming something like the US army who inspite of complete air superiority cannot tame Taliabn in Afghanistan. The Chinese soldiers do not use Bhukharies like us in cold regions.They donot expect air support because they plan for war in peace time and build continuously and train continuously .Their communication trenches can accomodate a jeep and their OPs can take a direct hit of a maortar shell while ours is built on sand bags.Our NAVY’S MARCOS COMMANDOES COULD NOT SUBDUE just 4 terrorists in 60 hours at Taj and have to call in NSG commandoes. Today what we should we discuss is how to improve the stamina and training of our troops so that they feel self confident about themselves.There were nearly 70 constables with 303 rifles in CST but could not fire single bullet at Kasab and his buddy. Why? We must think. “,.
    captainjohann samuhanand

    The US Government allowed the Taliban to escape to the care and protection of the Taliban’s mentors Pakistani’s ISI. That is a basic failure of military strategy at the political decision making level. The US military has air supremacy over Pakistan but their ability to use air-power is limited as the US Air Force is simply not interested in counter insurgency warfare and the Army is restricted to rotary aviation.


  • HTTP://


    It’s time India took steps to contain China : Proto Indian…

  • Adrian Wainer

    The PRC regime has been responsible for horrific crimes in the past and there are aspects of the PRC today which are deeply unpleasant. That said whilst the PRC does need to be carefully watched for signs of hostile intent, I feel that the greatest danger to countries like India, the USA and Australia comes from Islamic extremism.


  • difference between stocks and bonds

    difference between stocks and bonds…

    It’s time India took steps to contain China : Proto Indian…

  • vasant

    India needs results, quickly!
    India should take lead in forming defense pact with USA+ Japan+ Austria+Vietnam+ Burma and other so many countries having common threat to all!
    Corruption is another threat to Indian democracy!


  • Nathan

    China today is not the same as China of 1962. They are certainly focused on the country’s internal development. They want to play their legitimate role internationally. When it comes to India, China unfortunately feels its superiority, and perhaps rightly so because they were smart enough to exploit capitalist countries to invest in their country by liberalizing its economy to attract capital. Even Japan and Taiwan joined this investment rush. They all benefited from this: both the investors and the investment destination. Today This massive investment China has brought in cheap products for consumers and big profits for investors. Naturally others are jealous of their success. True, China has a way of asserting their power and influence wherever it can. Who can blame them? Pakistan loves China because it supported its existence through thick and thin. China also helped Sri Lanka with massive arms in its deadly war against the Tigers. So there are countries that love China. How does that affect India. Look what is happening in the countries that China helps. Pakistan is financially crippled and China’s funds are waisted there. Sri Lanka wants to balance China and India. Myanmar is ready to ditch China. Even North Korea won’t listen to them. So Why should India worry so much?


    Aditya Mookerjee Reply:

    China isn’t exploiting, what people see are issues that cannot be termed as exploitation, due to circumstances. China wouldn’t be in a situation, where if the overseas importers didn’t export from China, China would be bankrupt faster than the west. China was suffering because the Soviet Union and China had diplomatic problems, and she discovered that the U. S., was willing to engage China on more amiable diplomatic terms, than the Soviet Union. What about the idea, that General Motors makes cars for the U. S., in China? What does the U. S. want, in diplomatic understanding?


  • Ram

    The legacy of Nehru era…the persisting wounds Kashmir.China,India’s pseudo socialist legacy, secularism……..