William Dalrymple on India

In the current issue of London’s New Statesman magazine, William Dalrymple takes a critical look at the spluttering growth and widening inequalities in India.

In a long, well argued piece, he writes: “India’s remarkable growth figures have, however, successfully masked a far less appealing set of statistics which shows that, despite the success of India’s middle class, when you look at government delivery of basic services to the poor, India has been struggling against being hyphenated less with China than with its more desperate and impoverished neighbours – Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan – and by some indices has been failing to compete with the poorest in sub-Saharan Africa.” Read the full piece here.

Are you an admirer of lush or spare writing? It is a long running debate, and opinion pieces in the New Yorker and the New York Times have raised the matter again recently. Here is the NYT piece.

Which way are you inclined? Or, like me, are you in favour of both, depending on who is doing the writing?
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