Twitter poems or haikus?

Okay, let me offer you a poem of the day.

Every time
you said nothing to me
I knew exactly what you meant.
It’s only when
you spoke
that I misunderstood you.

That is from Pritish Nandy’s new book of poetry titled Stuck on 1/Forty. And, if you enjoyed this poem, there is plenty more where that one came from. In his introduction, Nandy talks about how none of the poems exceed 140 characters. You could tweet them, he says. These are Twitter poems. Well, perhaps. I think of them as haikus.


Still on Twitter and literature, have you read Twitterature: The World’s Greatest Books Retold Through Twitter? The title is self explanatory. Written by Alexander Aciman and Emmett Rensin, who were students at the University of Chicago when the book was published in 2009 (Twitter, at the time, was not the phenomenon it is today), it is sophomoric, but can be funny depending on your sense of humour.

Here is the opening of Paradise Lost retold in 140 characters:

FALLING UNTO THE ABYSS!!!!! I’ll talk about why in several hundred pages to avoid any confusion.

As I said, it all has to do with what you find amusing…

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