Humility is a weapon with atomic power

Pride, prejudice and power are instruments of arrogance; and arise from not being in touch with the reality. In other words, ignorance gives rise to such abnormalities of behavior. These traits are mainly found in people in power, in leadership roles.

There is a lovely Greek word, ‘Hubris’, which is an umbrella word for all such features of arrogance of power-exhibition. In such a situation, what happens is that because of ignorance, people in high power overestimate their own capabilities and they ignore the reality.

As Swiss psychiatrist C G Jung, who founded analytical psychology, said, “Through pride, we are deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience, a still, small voice says, ‘something is out of tune’ “.

Pride makes no one proud. It is a trait that leads the ‘owner’ to doom. It intoxicates you into believing that what you feel and what you do and say is the ultimate truth. And, the moment you get to such a pass, your undoing begins.

What matters a lot for a leader or an ordinary man in life is humility, the way Gandhi and many other leaders practised in their lives and won the people’s acceptability and respect. Humility is a trait that keeps you rooted to the base and hence the reality of things is in your grasp; thus the chances of your going wrong are minimal. Humility inspires loyalty, unity and teamwork for greater achievements in life; it takes both the leader and the followers together forward on to the path of progress.

Humility is an expression of one’s love, compassion and friendship towards others; it minimises one’s tendency to deal with others with a jaundiced eye and a prejudiced mind.

Humility does not stand for weakness, indecisiveness or meekness. One who has humility bred in him will stress more on doing things himself by way of example and would believe less in directing and forcing other into doing a job.

Those who are full of humility are people with strong willpower and the courage of conviction. They know no art of exhibition of their ‘power’ of humility. They are silent workers, interested only in the good of all, and cares not for their own selfish ends.

There is another Greek word ‘narcissism’ that applies aptly to those with a lack of humility. You know the demi-god Narcissus, full of pride, prejudice and arrogance, fell in love with his own reflection! Such people refuse to listen and accept the realities. History is full of examples of kings, presidents and prime ministers having fallen by the wayside because of their egoistic lifestyle.

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