‘Gain in loss’ is an ideal all of us should follow for a good life

Giving is receiving, and losing is gaining. These are my favourite reminders. And, like you, I am aware that those who take it as a part of their normal duty are the happiest ones.

Giving and sharing can take various shades; it can be much more than the traditional sorts like money, food, clothes, love, sympathy etc.

A Facebook friend posted the other day an appeal that could perhaps set many readers thinking for a change of shopping habits. He wrote, let us not henceforth buy from big shopping centres to add to the billionaires’ ‘bulge’ further but from the small ‘kirana’ shops across the street or from the small vendors near your home. That will, he rightly argued, will help reduce poverty among the people belonging to the lower strata of our society. Surely, a great idea each one of us must keep in mind while shopping.

Another day, another instance. A malnourished and old woman with deep wrinkles on her face, giving away some apples to those who needed them more than she did, was very touching and one could not but be emotional at the act of her benevolent act and sacrifice.

The idea of being kind and compassionate germinates from the ideal that one must help and share with the lesser-privileged people in our society. True, many among us must be already doing it and must be very rightly proud of their action. Such people deserve our kudos.

It reminds me of Khalil Gibran who says it is only in service that joy and happiness can be found in abundance. “I slept and I dreamt that life is all joy. I woke up and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is all joy.”

Prosperity has no meaning until you have happiness; and happiness comes from giving and sharing. One has to be a giver to understand the immense satisfaction and happiness that follows automatically. You feel happy that you have done anyway what you should have done long ago.

If each one of us enjoying greater privileges than the less privileged take up the idea and start doing this kind of humanitarian work, the darker side of the world around us will brighten up. No person around you will have to go to bed on a hungry stomach. No person around you will die of hunger that we see and hear of quite often.

It is glorious, as someone wrote recently, to have big money; but it is the ultimate good act if you know the art of sharing it with the less privileged.

The importance of giving and sharing was best described by Winston Churchill, “We can make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”

So, isn’t it time for us to remind ourselves and have this imprinted on our minds forever, ‘Your loss is your gain’!

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