Truth is nothing but what you think is not a lie

The truth is that there is no truth that can be the truth for all. Has truth, like God, fallen a victim to subjective conjecture? What you call a lie maybe my truth, and your truth my lie.

This debate will never end because truth too, like any other thing on this planet, is dynamic and bound to change as and when the circumstances change.

Mahatma Gandhi’s book, My Experiments with Truth, was ‘born’ out of his quest for truth. Is there really a way to realise the ultimate truth (not death, rebirth and nirvana).

Except for death, the so-called truth of rebirth and nirvana is a highly challengeable concept. But then those who take these three “truths” as gospel truths invariably have a closed mind, and hence they cease to seek any further truth on truth!

At times, one wonders whether truth and lie are the two sides of the same coin: If there is no lie, there can’t be any truth; and if there is no truth, there can’t be any lie! And it is as truthful as saying, if there is no day, there can’t be any night!

It was perhaps in such a moment that SE Hinton, in her book, The Outsiders, wrote: “I lie to myself all the time, but I never believe me.”

Napoleon Bonaparte too wondered and gave a greater dimension, “Is truth a lot of lies agreed upon?”

I want to speak the truth all the time because truth, I am told, is bitter in the beginning, but ultimately it leads you to a blissful world.

It is like administering a bitter medicine to a patient as the only way to cure him. But my problem is I don’t know what my truth is. All that I say and write because of my belief and facts gathered from here and there may or may not be the truth.

And, when I recall American science fiction writer Scott Westerfeld, “I guess sometime you have to lie to find the truth”, I get baffled all the more.

Is it that the truth is always hidden underneath a layer of lies? And if truth is stranger than fiction, as Bob Dylan said, then I may better get lost into the world of fiction!

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