Meeting others half the way makes the crucial difference

We negotiate with ourselves and with others on a daily basis, knowingly or unknowingly. And most of the time, we emerge no better. That is because we “give up” so easily or become headstrong. Either way, we end up as losers.

Negotiation is an art and one has to negotiate at every step tactfully. Negotiations in daily ways of life happen routinely and even unconsciously. We negotiate on when to sleep and when to wake up. We negotiate on our eating habits and most often land up eating the less nourishing food for tastier ones. We negotiate with our kids and with elders in most give-and-take work. Children are the most difficult ones to negotiate with. Either you concede to their demands, or you leave them sore as well as yourself.

Those are the negotiations at lower levels but important nevertheless for a good and peaceful life. There are negotiations outside one’s immediate family: Those are the tougher ones, leaving a deep impact either way-in success or in failure to negotiate. Negotiating a business deal, a pay hike, a promotion etc. take greater will and tenacious patience and complete and focused attention. Maybe, you have to work on such negotiations for days or months or even years.

One thing that is crucial in striking a deal is to keep in mind that no one comes out a loser at the end of the deal. Otherwise, no deal is successful and both the parties end up in disappointment. Fairness is the word to be remembered; if you play a fair game, the result too will be fair.

Great negotiators have the ability to see that you don’t lose your focus on your target; and if you somehow can sense the other party’s target, your job is half-done.

This is what American industrialist J Paul Getty too said, “You must never try to make all the money in the deal; let the other fellow make some money too; because if you have a reputation of always making all the money, you won’t have many deals.”

So, fairness is the key to success. You must deal in a manner that others would like to deal with you in future too. You must be a part Sherlock Holmes and a part Sigmund Freud, as the great American entrepreneur Victor Kiam said.

In other words, fairness plays the trick and pays handsomely. Meet the other party half the way and be con tented and successful all the time!

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