The world will value you as much as you value yourself

Thinking big is as easy as not thinking. All that one has to do is to dream and think big and act. That is the starting point to be ‘big’.

If you have read David J Schwartz’s ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’, you would have realised that you always wanted to be ‘big’ but never thought and acted seriously on the lines. It is all thinking and putting your thoughts into action with the zeal of a warrior in a battle field. Somewhere in your mind, there has to be a reminder that tells you when you feel you are ‘down’ that nothing is impossible provided you promise yourself that you can and will.

Schwatrz tells you of a case study of young job aspirants: “The thing I understand is why should young people these days be so ultra-conservative, so narrow in their view of the future? Every day there are more signs of expanding opportunities.”

And yet, they hardly go beyond the ordinary and the easily-possible bid. What is wrong? Is it our education system or our culture; or the rot of the system we live in that stands in our way of thinking big? Maybe, all put together. But a winner brushes aside these factors.

Schwartz says the greatest human weakness is self-deprecation – selling oneself short. We think small and hence remain small. We see on the other side a picture opposite of what it actually is. In other words, we are living in a self-deceiving world all the time. We assume we can’t and hence we can’t and remain failures in life.

When philosophers tell you to ‘Know thyself’, you are quick in listing your faults, shortcomings and inadequacies. That makes you feel ’small’ and incompetent for any challenging job.

One must always find out one’s assets and value them. You will always be greater than what you are you think; but your own devaluation of yourself makes you small not only for yourself but for others as well. Remember, nobody will value you beyond what you value yourself. You will be what you think you are.

The sign of a great man is in putting/seeing the same thing/scenario in a different perspective. While the ’small thinker” would say, “Sorry folks, we have failed because it was too tough for us.” But one who thinks big, as Schwartz says, will say, “Here is an approach that will work.” And that is the winning way.

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