To be aware of our potentialities is to empower ourselves

You have the potential, and you have also the means to unleash the potential within you. But we are either too lazy or not aware at all about our potentialities to do things that could make a huge difference in our lives as well as others’.

Ignite your mind and see the result. That is the sum total of the book, ‘Ignited Minds’ by former president of India APJ Abdul Kalam. Any kind of education is not good enough; one has to integrate it with spirituality so that one realises the need to be aware of one’s higher self. Only then one can be in a position to ignite one’s dormant inner energy and let it guide in doing things that will bring peace, prosperity and happiness.

A strong belief in one’s own ability to face hurdles in life helps one discover such hidden abilities. As Mahatma Gandhi said, if you think you can’t do a thing, you can’t because your ability to perform remains dormant. But if you think you can do, then you automatically acquire the ability to do it successfully. What does it mean? A belief in the ability of one’s innate self combined with a strong will makes the impossible possible.

There is no limit to one’s ability to perform a task; only that one ought to know how to and when to use it. Using the compass of your higher self, you can cross any high tide in life.

Einstein puts it so nicely,”I would like to recall my friend Werner Heisenberg’s view, ‘You know, in the West we have built a large, beautiful ship. It has all the comforts in it, but one thing is missing. It has no compass and does not know where to go. Men like Tagore and Gandhi and their spiritual forebears found the compass. Why can this compass not be put in the human ship so that both can realise their purpose?’”

The oft-quoted cliché, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ is thus nothing but an expression of the higher self in action and execution of a task undertaken by a man of strong willpower. And only your spiritual compass can ignite this willpower.

Let me have my favourite quote here, by Adolf Hitler, “If freedom is short of weapons, we must compensate it with willpower.”

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