A successful life is the outcome of three key ‘Ms’

Life gets boring and unproductive when you keep on doing the routine and the ordinary. Yes, the routine has to be done but life is not complete without a “little more” everyday. In other words, that “little more” can be called “the difference”.

Make a difference and you shine out and succeed while others are left out doing the routine. The happiest people are those who try to make a difference in life and try to deal with things that are, apparently, challenging and difficult.

‘The Happiest People Pursue the Most Difficult Problems’ by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, deals with the issue of making a difference to remain happy, productive and ‘hungry for more’.

The writer identifies three ‘Ms’ that can lead one to ‘initiate’ and get going for doing an act that makes a difference: Mastery, Membership and Meaning. Mastery means knowing the art of tackling difficult issues; Membership means complete involvement and participation; and Meaning means purpose of doing a task for a common purpose that benefits mankind at large.

There is another M (motivation): Money. This may or may not act as a motivation for all as it “did not get people up-and-at them for their daily work, nor did it help people go home every day with a feeling of fulfilment.”

There is a lovely story about how Daimler- Benz in South Africa came alive once again after the apartheid era. The plant’s general manager went in for a way to kick-start the workers whose morale was down but not out. He inspired the workers to do something they would love to do: A car for their beloved leader —Nelson Mandela— who had just been released from prison

The workers went in for an unusual initiative and they produced the car in a record time and absolutely defect-free. Their pride of giving their beloved leader a Mercedes gave them the high feeling of achievement of a priceless car helped the workers maintain a new level of performance thereafter. It was with this point of view in mind that American music journalist Marilyn Manson had remarked: “I never said to be like me, I say be yourself and make a difference.”

To keep in mind that you will live, and live well, with a purpose by being different and useful are the key words that can steer one through.

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