Love makes one understand the purpose of life

The greatest achievement in one’s life can be said to have come through if one succeeds in developing a loving heart and mind. And, the word ‘love’ is perhaps the most beautiful and meaningful word in the English dictionary. It is love that has helped us live on this planet in great ease and hope. Love is the “greatest spring” of hope; and hope, as the saying goes, sustains life.

We quite often quote very fondly Gandhi on love, “Where there is love, there is life.” How true! Love is the foremost requisite for good living and spreading the ways and means to create good living for others too on this planet beautiful. You need to have the heart and the mind to see and feel that we are all same and one. This feeling of oneness comes only if one cultivates the art of loving as the main driving force of the art of living.

Love is sharing and giving without any expectation. Once you develop this basic quality of good living art, you are already half way through the art of good living as it makes you feel optimistic and courageous to take on the many difficulties of life. It makes one realise that life is a battle to be won through fair means of compassion and understanding others’ needs. Only then one reaches a stage when one feels that life in indeed great and beautiful!

Perhaps, Lao Tzu had this in mind when he said, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” One has to extend this message to the rest of the world and see the magical rewards of true love. One has to keep in mind all the time that only loving and sharing can get one love and hope to fare better in life.

Love is the spring of real knowledge to happiness: it makes one understand the purpose and values of life. Completing one’s journey on this planet without seeing the wonders that love can help us do is a sheer wastage of life. How truly C S Levis had said that affection is responsible for nine-tenths of happiness there is in our lives!

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