Your millions can make you a better spiritualist

You want to be a millionaire and yet be a spiritualist? No problem, you can. According to a recent statement by a millionaire-spiritualist, it is much easier to be a spiritualist for a millionaire than for a non-millionaire.

One can contest it, but I find no contradiction in this. The argument is quite simple: If you are a millionaire and have the heart and the mind to be a spiritualist, you can do much better service in society with your millions. And not that only: A millionaire who gives away his millions gets back by way of “returns” in multiples!

Nothing goes waste and the millions a millionaire will give away in charity or for useful cause is like a seed that sprouts and gives back “in plenty”. So, the argument runs, the more you give away, the more you get back.

One Pat Mesiti in Melbourne, who became a spiritualist the “millions way”, enlists four steps to adopt on how to be a millionaire-spiritualist. The first and the foremost step is that such a person should remove attachment to money out of his heart. With that done, one should get “educated” how money works for spiritual purposes.

Secondly, one should get around the right kind of people as “their association in life will equal their assimilations in life”. In other words, you are known by the society you keep.

Thirdly, you must be looking around all the time for advice from people who are already in this noble work. That helps you pave the way the easy way.

And lastly, one should introspect and work on one’s self. Your attitude and belief system should get attuned to the goal you are working for. That makes your task easier and one can get immense satisfaction too. That itself is greater than being a millionaire.

And, one must have this question all the time on one’s mind,” After all, what is money for? If giving is investment for multiple returns, can there be a better option?”

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