Taking one step at a time is the sure success mantra

There is nothing more important in life than to be conscious of the fact that you have a duty, a purpose to perform before you bid adieu. If one forgets that and passes away, a whole precious lifetime goes waste. It is not that one willingly and consciously does that; one simply fails to be aware of one’s duties in this life because of the veil of ignorance and ego one gets enveloped with.

At times, one feels at the depth of one’s low; but that is quite normal. Everyone has to go through such periods. What makes the difference is that some realise that it is just a phase and one can always rise again; but those who can’t have this realisation fails in their mission.

Similarly, there are times when one simply gets awed and scared because of the magnitude and the perceived difficulties one will have to face while carrying out a task. In such cases too, one has to remember one simple fact – there is nothing that is impossible; and that given the right attitude and method, there is a way to tackle it. Maybe, one takes a longer time to achieve it.

There is a beautiful story in this regard in Paramhansa Yogananda’s An Autobiography of a Yogi. He describes a vision he had of standing in a dusty and dirty market place, hugely crowded with dogs barking and running around and people haggling over goods. People would go past him and look back at him (he thought) as if it was a “must see”. And then a look of inexpressible yearning would come over that person’s face before he would exclaim, Oh, this is too high for me. Soon after, Yogananda too looked back and saw a huge but beautiful mountain with a lovely garden nearby, an absolute contrast to the village they lived in. His first thought was, “It is too high” but he soon realised that he could at least put one foot in front of the other to begin with. That would take him surely a step closer to the top.

The point here is to remind one of the fact that nothing in life is too high or too big to be scared of. If one fails to have a quick solution, one can always believe in the trusted and tested way of taking “baby steps”. This will help one reach one’s goal steadily but surely. Do what you can at ease at a time and repeat the process; a time will come when you would get a surprise at your amazing feat!

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