The idea of death helps one become humane

There are books that you would love to read; and, if possible, love to follow the path shown in them. One such book is Joyful Path of Good Fortune, written by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, a Tibetan monk and renowned meditation master, living in the UK. It promises to lead you to the path of enlightenment. In fact, the sub-title of the book says, ‘The Complete Buddhist Path to Enlightenment’.

Primarily based on the Tibetan scripture known as the Stages of the Path (Lamrim in Tibetan), the book is a guide to the essential teachings of the Buddha for good life, and gives step-by-step guidance on the various kinds of meditation and practices in daily life. Practical methods that could transform life, thereby finding lasting peace and happiness, are given in great detail.

The stages of the path to enlightenment includes listening to and teaching dharma, meditation of life and death, developing the wish to attain liberation, developing Bodhichitta, training the mind for tranquility and superior insight.

One thing that comes out clear is that while having a successful and joyful life, one should never forget death as it is an essential part of life and important for rebirth. The idea of death, like the idea of life, prepares us to be humane and loving. If you forget death, you will act in “harmful, deluded ways to promote or protect our own worldly interests, and we may even resort to violence, endangering oneself and others”.

And this has a chain effect as it creates the cause for us to continue experiencing problems in the future, here on this planet and beyond.

The absence of the idea of death in life makes us develop fear, anxiety, regret and many other frightening experiences in the autumn of our life. You may regret but it maybe too late to reverse the process of happenings. Peace of mind in the last stage of your life depends solely on your “spiritual mine”. When you find a ‘blank’ at the fake end, nothing but fright stares at you.

Life is basically a journey to earn spiritual gains in order to be able to face death in a state of mind that is ready to face anything in complete balance of mind with positive and happy vibes. Only then, one can hope to attain a better life beyond this life.

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