It is in our nature to be happy in all circumstances

It is more in our nature to be happy and not in sorrow; but the reality is the reverse: We are more in sorrow than in happiness. That is because we are too lazy to act and maybe even ignorant of the circumstances and hence not in a position to deal with the circumstances.

‘How to have Courage, Calmness and Confidence’ (Paramhansa Yogananda) tells us why, despite our innate nature and ability to be in a position to be happy, we forget to seek the means to be peaceful and happy. The author says that “sorrow has no objective existence but if you go on affirming it, it can exist. If you deny it in your mind, it will disappear. “That is what I call the hero in man: His divine nature.”

The soul is pure and its attributes are all positive —success, good health and wisdom. The moment one identifies oneself with poverty of thought and good habits and lack of concentration, perseverance and determination, one drifts towards misery, which in turn results into a myriad of problems like ill health and a general feeling of being “unwanted”.

That is why it is said that everything remaining same, the winner is the one who is conscious of the ‘facts’ surrounding him and is in a position to deal with them the way they need to be. Having willpower is important because in its absence even the slightest irritants seem to be insurmountable obstacles and a time comes when one sees oneself burdened with woes.

But if one never gives up the constant practice of cultivating positivity and focuses one’s attention and energy in seeing and solving problems clearly, it becomes one’s nature to make them a day-to-day practice and a routine affaire.

If one is in a position to play up the heroic nature of one’s self, then fear or sorrow will always keep away. One must always keep in mind that as long as the conqueror in mind is kept awake, no sorrow can visit one.

True, life is nothing but a journey with many problems all the way. Some of the problems could be because of external factors and others your own creation. But if you are in a position to realise this fact alone, then your nature has an automatic way to bounce back and see what can be done best to be a winner. In other words, as the guru says, one must assert one’s heroic self all the time to stay a winner in life.

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