One must work hard for ‘starry’ predictions to happen

One may or may not believe in horoscope, but I am yet to see a person who does not check what it has for him/her for the day/week/year.

It was in this context that, as the New Year set in, I was keen to know what the stars had for me in the next one year. And for that I went through several publications giving such predictions with the conviction of surety. And I always tend to hope that the good things as predicted do happen and the not-so-good things don’t happen!

One of such sources said that 2013 will come as a highly satisfying year so far as spirituality is concerned. Yoga, meditation and alternate therapies will give immense gratification. I don’t know whether these things are going to happen because my New Year resolutions have nothing to do with these predicted happenings, though very desirable. And these could be among the ‘new learning experiences’ that I would have, as predicted by another forecast.

The year will also come with greatly unusual situations that will throw opportunities to be grabbed and in each of these situations, there will be “new learning experiences”.

Yes, ‘new learning experiences’. Aren’t these words very fascinating? I wonder what could come up as “new learning experiences” in the days ahead. One can’t conjecture but one can always hope, as I do, that the coming months may come with solutions to the hither-to-unfulfilled goals that have remained a bit too hazy.

Another ‘source’ says I am set to be a footloose, traveling around and experiencing the wonders of nature within and outside the country. This seems to be a bit closer to my wishful desires and is indeed one of the New Year resolutions that have remained unfulfilled for a couple of years now because of personal problems.

And yet another source has forecast a ‘bumper year”, but without even a hint on what this could mean. As such, I am not very impressed and hence not very keen to take it.

Sure, many of you may say one need not be serious about such ‘starry predictions’. Yes, I will go with you, but if one gets serious on the possibility of such happenings and starts working hard towards their realisation, then what is the harm?

I would like to take you to E M Foster, “Failure or success seems to have been allotted to men by their stars. But they retain the power of wriggling, of fighting with their star or against it; and in the whole universe the only really interesting movement is this wriggle.”

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