May the New Year help us roam freely in the beautiful world of books

Let me wish all the readers of this blog a very happy New Year, and hope you will have great reading time all the way! And, as a result, come out wiser!

As the New Year has just unfolded, let us resolve that we will read many more of the very best books and ‘acquire’ many more great friends!

To use a cliche, books can be steadier and better friends than any friend in flesh and blood. Therefore, if you dismiss the idea of the latter kind, and have only books as “additional” good friends in the New Year, you are not going to be much of a loser. In fact, you will be safer and a clear winner.

Someone wrote recently that it has nowadays become a ‘routine fashion’ to discuss books you have never read and never intend to read! Why? Quite silly and bully!

It is strange that some of us “make the best use” of the latest books by flaunting our knowledge obtained from secondary sources as if you have just come out of a good and serious reading of the book/s.

When I say ‘happy reading’, I do not mean that I will have some great books to recommend. I am very well aware that what is good for me maybe ‘trashy’ to you; and hence the futility of recommending any book that I like or would like to read in the New Year.

But, I suppose, there is no harm if I tell you what I may read in the months to come. I remember having read a book ‘Rendezvous with Rama’ by Arthur C Clarke with great greed to have as much as possible in as little time as possible. It is a book that makes you feel ‘futuristic and forward-looking’ by the very nature of its contents. One of the best science fiction writers, Clarke never fails to inspire you as one of the chief prophets of the space age.

He has written several others on the Rama line, like Rama Revealed and The Garden of Rama. Rama willing, I am going to “devour” most of them and be in line with the great God!

And then among the so-called great recent books, I have not read quite a few. They are: In the Garden of Beasts by Eric Larson; No Easy Day by Mark Owen and Kevin Maurer; Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander; Killing Kennedy by Bill O’ Reilly and Martin Dugard. Also on the list of ‘Must Read’ are books like Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James and Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent.

Hope, these are the books that may make one wiser to understand the complications of life and help ride the rough patches on one’s journey smoothly.

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