The will to live can conquer any doomsday

Now that we have survived the doomsday as predicted by the Mayans, it is time to celebrate because the collective human will to continue living has triumphed over the celestial ‘schemes’ to give an abrupt end to our lives and the lovely earth we live on!

True, nobody takes such ‘doomsday warnings’ seriously these days; and yet it will be interesting to know what goes behind such prophecies of apocalypse. It is after all not based on somebody’s whims and fancies but on “serious celestial readings” of a certain community. But the fact that we have been having this kind of ‘forebodings’ quite often in the past, and yet have come out gloriously unscathed, has made people take it now as mere ‘entertainment’ and just as a study that has gone wildly bizarre.

Recall the one such latest ‘warning’ we had for May 1, 2011. Some of us had reacted a little more seriously then but certainly not with a sense of scare and the alacrity for the need to do whatever one wanted to do now or never!

But my point today is whether one should dismiss such warnings as mere ‘fancies’ of a certain community. If we take pleasure in doing so, then we need to extend this kind of attitude to all kinds of such beliefs too. We have lived millions of years; and, according to the Hindu calendar, we shall continue doing so for as many years, maybe even forever without an end.

That takes us to the conclusion that maybe we are not yet in a position to know and understand anything about such possible happenings. And thus we are back to square one, to believe or not to believe.

Let us suppose, the world really ended on December 21/22 and we are now in a new phase of life under a new system to make life more meaningful and purposeful. And let us assume that this would lead us to a new, brave world wherein we won’t see the kind of disparity, hatred and war against each other. That gives us an excuse to let ourselves take this occasion to celebrate life as if there is no tomorrow and that we are living with love and kindness for a day. And if tomorrow comes (of course it will come), let us continue with the same attitude so that there is no scope for doing anything but good and be kind and loving.

Just as people all over the world went crazy celebrating their “last few days” before Dec 21- 22, let us celebrate all the more now that we have got a “new lease of life”!

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