The importance of being your real self

You are not really what you are! Over the years, you are corrupted and covered with a maze of biases and negative attitudes. You are thus diverted from the path of spirituality and denied the right to be in bliss.

Spirituality is the way of life that not only makes you a true human being but also helps you take the right track to bliss.

But the word ’spirituality’ is the most corrupted word and it has been used/misused to make your life more complex and mysterious.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s latest book, ‘Of Mystics and Mistakes’ addresses many such misconceptions in the mystic world that make life more difficult and miserable. He makes it clear how spirituality is all about being yourself without any shroud of mysticism around your being. Just be yourself and the whole world will open up and you will be somewhat in a liberated form.

Spirituality is not about God, nor is it about religion and heaven. It is all about you, the barest you. You have to be like a room whose windows are open to receive direct sunlight and wind.

Of course, one could argue that this is just a point of view and that one may or may not agree with. But one can’t but appreciate the fact that Sadhguru, like Osho, celebrates the importance of being ’simply you’ in its purest natural form. The point here is that in the ‘your-own’ form, you are like a just-born baby, innocent and pure of heart and mind.

The result of being the ‘real you’ is that you can have a clear and correct perception of things around you— one of loving, caring and a helping soul. Loving kindness is the spurring force in the journey of a spiritual person. Love is the biggest “unarming weapon” that can be used to make this world truly a heavenly place. One can create heaven and live in bliss right here on this planet and give up the idea/uncertainty of a heaven hereafter. After all, it is all in the mind that makes one create heaven or hell to live in.

Spirituality makes that choice easy. It makes one see through a clear mind for a better choice to live a happy and contented life.

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