The blind can see more and better

Philosophically speaking, to be blind is to go to a higher level of perception capability. For, a blind person can see and feel much more than we normal beings can because they have a ‘third eye’.

True, they can’t see the way we can; but their ‘third eye’ makes them sharper and more sensible than most of us are. What a travesty of justice that a blind girl from Indore, Poornima Jain, who had cleared her Civil Services exams in 2008, has not yet been absorbed by the government, and now she has approached the Prime Minister for justice The point here is that if she has been able to clear the Civil Services exams, then she can very well tackle the responsibilities of an IAS or IFS officer as well.

The other day, I saw an old, blind person carrying quiet a heavy burden of a bag on his shoulder, trying to cross a heavily-busy road. On being asked, I got to learn that the bag contained many things to be sold in some offices where he has his regular clients. For him, his daily errand is as normal as ours and he feels no less advantageous.

A few days ago, I read in a business daily that in London and other parts of Europe, there are restaurants which are completely dark, and all the bearers too are blind. They guide you through the crowded restaurants with perfect ease and confidence and serve you flawlessly. I am told such restaurants have become quite a craze among a section of the people who love to try ‘something new and different.’

They love to have food in darkness because it adds value to their food. No visual disturbance between you and your food gives you the ultimate bliss of eating! One may talk while eating, but the absence of visual distractions enables you to realise the essence of goodness of the food you are having.

Such ‘doings’ can be very humbling too. For once, you are a ‘blind’ person and that gives you the chance to understand the realities of life of those not gifted with ‘light’. The pleasure of being a part of the blind, even if for a short while, once in a while, can go a long way to make you a man with a heart and mind nobler and caring. To be blind is to be giving yourself a chance to rediscover your own self.

India too needs such restaurants in its cities to make its people gain the moral values and the understanding of true human nature.

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