The survival game

In life, the most important thing that one has to have is the ability to learn and adapt to the kind of situation one gets into. Dr AK Agarwal, in his book, Management by Walking, says, “The ability to learn and adapt is the outcome of positive attitude and the desire to grow… Survival in this fast changing environment necessitates the need to keep acquiring knowledge and improved skills. Becoming complacent is survival threatening.”

Learning from your elders and sages who have gone through life’s various vicissitudes makes your life easier. But one has to be alert that learning is to be sifted through the ’sieve’ of your mind and through experience. What is or was good for your elders may not necessarily be good for you. And since learning is a continuous process, there has to be continuous change in your “status”. Only then you are said to be good at adaptability that keeps your life updated and makes it relevant to the needs of the time.

As they say, there is nothing constant except change. It is learning on a continuous basis that such a change can occur. You learn so many things if you keep an ‘observing mind’ and be conscious of the things going on around you all the time. But, as Albert Einstein said in Three Rules of Work, “Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

I suppose that says all one wanted to say. It is your ability to learn and pick up what you think is the best for you and the occasion that would matter and be instrumental in your success. A clear mind with a sense of purpose can help you a lot. Dr Agarwal quotes psychologists Shelley Tellor and Peter Gollwwitzer saying that when people think about implementing a decision they have already made, it puts them in a better mood, raises their self-confidence and makes them feel much more in control of the situation around them. So, controlling yourself means controlling your situations as well. And my quote of the week is “Be a slave to change.”

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