Pakistan vs Fauji plans

In the Land of the Pure, called Pak
A new military chief always spurs talk
Will he? Won’t he? Will he? Won’t he?
Will he take over or let the PM be?

His name is Sharif, same as the premier
Brothers they are not, so there’s still fear
Will the new general act like the old Mush
And give the elected PM a nasty push?

The faujis may invoke Kashmir or Taliban
Blame corruption or Balochistan
Seek some order, and then some law
Or poke the borders to find some flaw

They are used to power, not salutes to civvies
A spot of golf and some Scotch if you please
But they’ll jump to invoke the name of Islam
And then cosy up the mighty Uncle Sam

It does not matter which side they lean
They’re used to zar, zoru and zameen
In comfort with gold, women and land
Without some power, life would be bland!

Ayub and Yahya, Mush and Zia
Have left behind questions, oh dear!
Only time will tell, who’s really who
in a land that’s seen many a coup!

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