Your Patel versus Our Patel

“My statue is taller than yours, and more divine

My history is real, and yours droppings bovine

You say you are now what you think you are

But we are the ones to tell you who you are

“What do you mean there’s another point of view?

There is only one version, and that’s ours. Shoo!

Gandhi and Nehru, or that man called Sardar

Are subject to our approval: Khabardar!

“Your archaeologists are good for mythical gold

And history as we see it must now be retold

Like television’s Ramayana and Mahabharat soaps

I hope our Patel builds our masses new hope!

“It’s a small matter, then, that his party was not ours

And the Sardar fought our kind as he built up his power

History is now history, we can Photoshop its hues

And mix saffron with tricolour as we sing the new blues!

“As Napoleon said, tis but fable agreed upon

Written by the victors, not vanquished hereon

So what matters is the tale, and new twists in the plot

We’ll package it smartly so it is well-bought.”

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