Rollback Rahul

Do not, dear reader, take mighty offence
When someone says “Complete nonsense”
It’s just a matter of a righteous impulse
Er, one that reflects the nation’s pulse

So the Prince, as some like to call him in jest
Was saying it right, but in a manner not best
when he asked that a decree be torn up at once
(though this is not how the government runs)

His mother told him his words were way too harsh
Just when we thought it was a political farce
So he munched his words but did not quite swallow
as the sent the ordinance to its expected gallows

Ah, young Rahul! A chip off the famous block
Has put his party’s dear doyens in the dock
Embraced some principles while embarrassing the premier
As politics hitherto seamy, showed a side that’s seamier

The PM, the man for silence, took it in his stride
Smiled coyly like a groom confronted by bride
(What’s a brush or two in the world’s top democracy
And that too in a party famous for its autocracy)

Look at the result, the convicts are on the run
With courts turning stern, netas aren’t having fun
The party is moving, aided by the Prez
And it seems like reforms in a decadent Congress

It’s not quite clear though, as to why this melee
When Congress panels ruling the corridors of Delhi
Rubber-stamped an act kind to the convicted
When one would have expected them to be promptly evicted

Blame it on the satraps, blame it on politics
Or the dirty little ways of vote bank tricks
But better ketchup on your lips than egg on your face
The party’s well-dressed now for the electoral race!

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